Monday, October 29, 2007

Ilham's hand singing

Ilham really loved the hand puppet show ben did, so he decided to make one of his own.
Obviously it's not as sophisticated (no disco balls! ;) ), but I thought it was pretty hilarious, especially since he chose to sang himself. I was quite suprised that his voice is not bad :) (and that he knew the words to the songs he sang)

Enjoy the show... !

Do you recognize the songs?


  1. sound on my Firefox. Just like my video.
    Hugs to everyone at home.

  2. bravo ilham! izani sure is entertained ...
    for your info izani's birthday is the same as my youngest, muhammad. I've been an avid reader of your blog ever since they were born, believe it or not. thank you for this blog of yours. you 'll never know how much it help me to reflect things about myself. (and you'll never guess how much of your recipes i've tried!all the easy peasies etc etc) tq tq....

    bt caves.

  3. papa , rugi tak dapat dengar Ilham nyanyi!! :)

    Eli, well, thankyou for finally commenting :)
    I am always happy to hear that my easy peasy recipes have actually helped ease someone's cooking duties!
    hm.. this really motivates me to publish them in a book ;)
    Would you buy it if i did?

  4. hey he's not a bad singer! :-) i recognized the first song as James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful'..but didn't get the 2nd one...

  5. elisa,
    of course i would! that is going to be my next suggestion for you. since you've mentioned it before i did, so tunggu apa lagi..go for it gurl...

    yang selalu berangan nak publish something,