Saturday, October 06, 2007

what is "iftar buffet"?

In the previous post, [URL=""]Deej[/URL] asked me to explain what is "iftar buffet".

Well, DJ, the only other thing close to an "iftar buffet" in the US would be the lunch buffets they have in Las Vegas hotels.
"Iftar" is the arabic word for the breaking of fast. During the month of Ramadhan on the Islamic calendar, muslims are obliged to fast (Arabic - "Sawm") from dawn to dusk. We are encouraged to eat right before dawn (called "Sahur"), abstain from eating or drinking for the rest of the day, and is encouraged to eat the very moment the sun sets at dusk.
By right, we are encouraged to be moderate, to break our fast with some dates and water and a light (or normal) meal, because it is really an exercise to 'cleanse' our spiritual and physical self , but.. humans that we are, we are often tempted to be a little bit of a glutton, I'm afraid.
So during the month of Ramadhan, most hotels or food establishments would offer Iftar Buffets, a special buffet spread set only for the month of Ramadhan, open from about half an hour before dusk and closed till whenever you feel you've stuffed yourself enough. In S@udi, some stablishments (especially hotels) even offer Sahur Buffets, that start at 1am and lasts till dawn (when you're supposed to start fasting). Some hotels even go as far as offering a special Ramadahan package that includes iftar and sahur buffet, and a room to stay in for the night.
As I described in the previous posts, each establishment would try to make their buffet special, either by offering more food, or special types of food.
If you google for "Ramadhan Buffet" you'd prolly get an idea of what is offered. :)

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