Sunday, October 07, 2007

Power to the People!

In my family of outspoken and clearly opinionated members of society, I have always been known as the 'apathetic one'. Or maybe the 'apolitical one'. Which one, I forgot.
What I mean is that I was always the one who would not state any affiliation to any political party or persons, while one of my sisters would actually be a committee in one.

But I have taken enough political science courses (err... one course) and watched enough movies to know that what happens in court does not only affect the people who go to court but everyone in the whole country. Rulings passed in one case can be referenced to and be used as a guidance for rulings in future cases. Rulings can sometimes even change laws, change lives. (Have you watched Cold Mountain?).
What goes on in court is no small matter. Judges have a very important job that shape the future of the country. So they need to be compassionate, honest, responsible, impartial and most of all, they need to have integrity.
Unfortunately, it seems that our judges have been anything but the above. Or at least we suspect them to be. Whether they are or they are not, someone needs to find the truth, and if it needs fixing , someone needs to fix it, and restore our confidence in the judiciary system.

So that is why I am now asking you to support this petition for a Royal Commision to inquire on the state of our judicial system. (If you get a headache reading the bombastic Malay version, read the English version).
We have got till Raya to sign the petition. To sign up in support of this petition, please send your name and i.c. number to :

Come on.
It's almost like, if you hear that your children's school teacher is a paedophile, wouldn't you do something to confirm it? Wouldnt you ask the head master to find out the truth? Wouldnt you expect him to do something? Before anything bad happens to your children? It's the same thing.
So go read the petition, and send your name and i.c. as a sign of support!
For our children, for our country.

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