Sunday, October 21, 2007

Raya Sakan (Maximum Celebration)

To say that I had raya sakan (celebrated to the max) would've been an understatement.
Let me give you the rundown:

Friday, Eid day 1
Outfit : Faux songket black kebaya.
Taufik woke Ilham and Ihsan up at 5 and they went for Eid prayers. Made Rendang Tok Cikgu Munah, Peanut Sauce, and boiled Nasi Impit Nona. Had an intimate family breakfast, then salam-salam and took photographs. Made Creme jelly with fruit cocktail (used the panna cotta recipe, just added canned mixed fruits). Lepak (lazed around) while the boys went for Friday prayers. Went to Tok Penghulu's house for lunch, ate lamb briyani and nasi impit with kuah kacang. Lepak some more watching Buletin Utama on SyokTv. Then we left for the raya melayu gathering in Khaloud (that's what the milk+fruit jelly was for). Ate too much.

Saturday, Eid day 2
Outfit : beaded black abaya
Made Agar-agar Sirap (Red rose flavoured jelly) and rice krispy treats. Went to Kak Zie's house in Ar@mco, Dh@hran. Ate really good mee rebus, laksa johor, nasi minyak, and a myriad of cookies. Went to Kak F's and ABC's house and ate some more.

Sunday, Eid day 3
Outfit : Lacy white Indonesian kebaya with orange-brown batik sarong with matching long scarf.
Made more rendang cikgu munah, and fried some keropok (fish crackers). Went for lunch at Kak F Malik's house. Had chicken briyani, more nasi impit and kuah kacang, and a yummy bingka telur. Came home to fry some noodles coz had guests coming over. Taught Ilham how to make a simple dessert with cupcakes, hazelnut-chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Went to Kak Zara's house for dinner. Had chicken briyani again, Ilham's dessert and more raya cookies.

Monday, Eid day 4
Outfit : White Next top with blue-white batik sarong with matching long scarf.
Ilham made his dessert again. Went to Sukh's house in Ras T@nura for lunch, bearing the dessert Ilham made. Then came back to Dh@hran, to one house for chicken rice, to another house for more chicken rice and finally ended up the evening at another house for laksa trengganu (YUMS!) and bihun sup.

Tuesday, Eid day 5
Outfit : spagetti straps and jeans under black abaya.
The men had to go to work, so finally, a respite from stuffing my face with food. Brought the kids to Dh@hran Mall, sent my abaya for alteration and had lunch at Pizza Factory. The kids had pizza and I was glad to sink my teeth into a simple salad. (Bought a new pair of sunglasses to replace the one Izani broke and a new outfit. yippee!). Made a simple dinner of white rice and chicken in soy sauce.

Wednesday, Eid day 6
Outift : dark blue Xanaka shirt on black flared jean skirt with emboridery accents.
Went to Dh@hran Mall again to pick up my abaya. Shopped for groceries abit coz we were going to have guests on thursday. Bought KFC for lunch. Fried prawn fritters for tea, and then went for Dinner at Tok Penghulu's open house. Ate nasi minyak and cake. Talked and ate too much.

Thursday, Eid day 7
Outfit : Brown/black top with black pants.
Made bergedil, sup soto almost-madura-style, and chocolate panna cotta (sinful!). Entertained guests for lunch. Cleaned up the house, then felt like eating chocolate cake, so I baked one to bring to another open house invitation. Went to Izan Napi's open house for dinner. Had Roti Jala, Bihun Sup, Pai tee and the chocolate cake I made, which didnt turn out so bad. Izan's raya cookies were also very yummeh. Watched a stupid-funny melayu scary movie.

Friday, Eid Day 8
Outfit : Dark blue Xanaka shirt with blue-white batik sarong with matching long scarf.
Had lunch at Moghul. Made some macaroni with cream sauce to bring to Ras T@nura for Su-Harun's open house. Ate laksa penang, Nasi Minyak Trengganu and 3 different versions of banana cake. Went to Kak Izah's open house, she managed to make bihun sup even though she said she had a fever. Admired pretty things. Went home early to sleep coz the next day school resumes.

Saturday, Eid day 9, First day of school after eid holiday.
Outfit : jammies for the first half of the day, t-shirt and jeans for the rest. :)
Glad that the week was over. I have gained god knows how many kilos from the constant eating. Resolved to go for a walk in the afternoons, but didnt manage to do it. Internet was down, so could not blog.

This weekend I have 2 more invitations, and I plan to invite some people over for a light lunch. Don't know what to cook yet. Taufik is asking for more Rendang Tok Cikgu Munah and Soto Madura.

How was your eid?


  1. Hi Elisa!
    Selamat hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin. This year, I had the laziest Raya ever! I only went to 3 houses! Jeremy said, why go eat ketupat at other people's houses when my Mom makes the best rendang in the world. Hee hee hee!

  2. best arr raya sakan... we are yet to try out this raya sakan stuffs as somehow it did not really sakan this year :p

  3. In 3 days, I gained 2kgs! Not bad eh?? I love the way your outfits 'vary' on the 'dress-up' scale, hehehe!

  4. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves for an extended period. Glad your family enjoyed raya. I hope it is not too late to say Eid Mubarak!
    It is not so bad here as I heard they had convoys going to people's houses since eid fell on a weekend this year. I'm afraid I couldn't join them as was busy cooking for a special convoy myself.As for my dd , she kept bugging me for her eid gifts I promised her . She got duit raya from me and gifts from her dad and she still wants me to deliver the goods (keep my promise), which I did a few days later lol.

  5. Farah, oh if I were eating your mom's ketupat and rendang, I wont leave home either!
    Salam to your parents and kisses to Azam and Hanna!

    Not-Astronaut, Cikgu Munah is my mom in law :)

    bdp, eh, tak raya sakan lagi cam tu?

    blabs, heh heh towards the end of the week, dah tak tahu nak pakai apa... :(

    Umm-fi-Fard, were the gifts a reward for fasting? My kids get one riyal for every day they fast, but even then, they missed a few days :(

  6. Ya Ampun Elisa --- meriah sungguh hari raya mung itu ! Next year I pun nak terbang beraya kat sana lah !

  7. aiyak. you made me realized how lacking my wardrobe is should i am required to go out for raya everyday of the week.


  8. ninuk, mari lah mari... :) Plan buat umrah ke.. :)

    Puan redbean, actually kan, only the first two outfits were really my baju raya. The rest were old clothes. Since I don't usually get to go out wearing them that often (I wear my abaya most of the time, mah), they seem like new.
    The white lacy kebaya was bought in jakarta when I visited mokciknab last raya haji, tapi raya tahun ni baru ada chance nak pakai.
    Bila lagi nak melawa kalau tak time raya, kan? ;)