Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eid peek

pictures from first day:

The 'spread' on my table on eid morning.

Not really a 'spread'.. just 4 dishes. Clock wise from left - Sambal daging (beef floss), bought by the kilo from a friend when I was in Malaysia recently. Kuah kacang (Peanut sauce) , I'll post the recipe one of these days, ben. Nasi impit (rice cakes), from Nona, pre-packed in plastic and just boiled for an hour. Rendang Tok Cikgu Munah (Chicken in spicy thick coconut gravy), an obligatory dish. "Cikgu Munah" is my mom-in-law.

The Taufik family in one of the better lighted corners in our living room. (L-R: Anis, Ilham, Izani, Taufik, Elisa, Ihsan)

We had to prop the camera on one of the sofas to take this picture.

Can't blog long. Have to cook for another gathering. I promised the host I'd bring something for dessert.


  1. waaa...meriahnya!

  2. 1 big happy family yaaaa...

    ilham stands out laaa..baju chocy chocy orangy gitu...

  3. Taufik tak berubah semenjak 1991.

  4. we had lodeh, nasi impit, soto and sphagetti. he he he ... none is my air tangan except helping to clean the house ... malu

  5. ack... kita tengah mengidam kuah kacang! tak puas makan at the in-laws! now terkial-kial nak cari kacang to make some myself.

    your family picture is soooo lovely!
    selamat hari raya to you!

  6. Lovely pic of Raya food, lovely pic of the Taufik family!! Hope you had a wonderful Eid!!