Friday, March 16, 2007

sickly strawberry

I'm not well.
I have been having an intermittent cold all week. Izani too. So it doesnt help me, coz when he's waking up coughing or struggling with a blocked nose, I'd be waking up too, and it means I don't get the rest I need, thus making my cold worse. And now I am feeling an onset of a sore throat. Even a stack of pancakes for breakfast this morning didnt get to lift my spirits. My other kids, however, are chattering like squirells and jumping about like rabbits in the living room from the sugar in the syrup.

Izani turned 11 months yesterday.
I've got a video and pictures as usual, but mehh... I will update you guys when I'm feeling better.

I am still sulking about Sundance.
and even though I thought Brendan deserved to go for committing the cardinal sin of forgetting the words, I still think Sanjay@ is waaaay out of his league here.
Did you guys cry too when Melinda sang?

gotta go. laytur peeps.

p/s oh oh i went to the school's spring fair the other day and bought Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Cagebird Sings for 3riyals!! 3 riyalsss!! can you believe it?? I miss second hand book stores. They don't have any over here.

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