Saturday, March 10, 2007

Anis' Picnic Party

We decided to have a picnic party for Anis yesterday.
My neighbour Liza couldnt come coz she postponed her umrah trip from last week to this week. Sharlee couldnt come coz her daughter had a fever and her husband had a presentation for his bosses. So in the end it was just us and KakF&ABC's family.
I thought KakF would be bringing her whole brood, so we bought a bucket of KFC to go with the cake. It turned out that her other kids had other plans, so only her youngest daughter Awni came to Anis' party. Anis was so happy to see her classmate and best friend.
We forgot to bring a carpet, so we just sat on the grass and ate our food. After finishing all but 3 pieces of chicken (ha ha good thing!), we cut the cake and then the kids played football and ran around.

Happy Birthday to Anis!

p/s HanyFF, recognise Awni?

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