Monday, March 12, 2007

because i blog

oh gosh, i dont even know where to start.

okay, I admit.

I am unemployed.
But I am so by choice. It's not that i don't have qualifications. Therefore, you can't really equate my unemployment to being useless, or brainless.

I am a woman.
That I can't help. God made me this way.

But am I a liar?
I don't think so.
I write fiction, sometimes, yes. I exagerrate most of the times, yes. But then calling me a liar would be equivalent to saying all politicians are out there to do the greater good.

Am I out to promote disunity?
I would like to disagree. In fact, I would like to argue, that I am actually promoting unity, and am in fact, contributing to building a better Malaysia.

I may not be out there working for some company, but I am raising the future of Malaysia. Because I am unemployed, I am able to give my full attention to the formation of my children's minds, Malaysian citizens themselves. Because I am unemployed, I have all the time in the world to teach them to be honest, not to litter, to be polite and tolerant, to obey the laws of the land, to not grow up to be criminals and terrorists. Because I am a woman, I am able to give birth and populate the world with more humans that are honest, do not litter, polite, tolerant and obey the laws of the land. (After this, I have to make sure to teach my children to think before they speak).

Because I blog, I am keeping myself sane so that I can keep up with the trials of raising a family. I get validation for my feelings when my readers tell me I'm not the only one who goes through rough times. I get support and advice when I have doubts. I get ideas on what to feed my family. I get inspired to try new things, to explore new horizons. I have a virtual support group that consists of people from various walks of life, various beliefs, various lifestyles, various points of views from different parts of the world (from Canada to Australia, from South Dakota to South Africa). I wouldn't have had that without blogging.

All of the above are facts. Not lies.

I would also like to think that people are in turn, inspired by my writings.
That some mother in shah alam who just came home from work and is tired would remember my recipe for kid-friendly ayam masak merah and would still be able to serve a decent dinner for her husband and kids, avoiding excuses for infidelity and malnutrition. Thus, a more unified and healthy Malaysia.
That some girl who just got engaged would remember my tips for a happy marriage and go on and build a happy family, one that would further build a happy Malaysia.
That some parent travelling on PLUS highway with bored kids would suddenly be reminded of the games my kids play on roadtrips and engage in a healthy competition among themselves, keeping the driver alert, thus keeping Malaysian roads and highways safe.
That some hungry malaysian medical student in a foreign university could whip up a healthy salad for dinner and be pumped up for her next assignment and go on to graduate and save the lives of other malaysians.

Sounds like mere speculation?
oh but so was your comment, mr. minister.

If you're confused, read this, or my dad's latest post.
or just read this conversation:

elisa taufik: eh i tengah baca my dad's post nih
elisa taufik: so skarang tengah trying to find out apa tg adnan cakap
elisa taufik: :O
elisa taufik: i am appalled!!
Lollies Goddess: err sapa tu?
Lollies Goddess: jap i baca
elisa taufik: tengku adnan cakap dlm sin chew jit poh that bloggers are liars and that most bloggers are unemployed and most are women who like to promote disunity
Lollies Goddess: woits!
Lollies Goddess: sedapnya blanketkan soma orang
Lollies Goddess: eh eh eh i nak jawablah survey minah UM tu
Lollies Goddess: a student tengah buat thesis on bloggers
Lollies Goddess: no wonder soklan pelik2
Lollies Goddess: like tengah nak gauge bloggers ni anti social ke, loner ke
elisa taufik: eh which minah UM?
Lollies Goddess: entah some chinese girl
Lollies Goddess: i malas nak jawab sebenarnya
Lollies Goddess: takpalah i jawab
elisa taufik: mana u dapat survey tu?
Lollies Goddess: dia email kat i
Lollies Goddess: i was picked by random
Lollies Goddess: this is to help her thesis
Lollies Goddess: you nak?
Lollies Goddess: i tak nak jawab sebab dia pakai email yahoo
Lollies Goddess: macam ala ala tak professional gitu
Lollies Goddess: (eh student um tak ada email dot um dot com eh?)
Lollies Goddess: pastu nama dia babygurl
elisa taufik: ha ha post lah survey tu kat semua female bloggers you know so that she gets all the answers she needs. Kalau she's not legit, then padan muka mailbox dia penuh. kalau dia legit, then she'd get a better picture, no?
Lollies Goddess: betul gak tu
Lollies Goddess: out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.
Lollies Goddess: woits again
Lollies Goddess: manaya survey tu
elisa taufik: hello, just because we're un employed, doesnt mean we dont do anything
Lollies Goddess: setau i kalau unemployed pun they are wives mothers
elisa taufik: we are MOTHERS dammit
Lollies Goddess: eh sama
elisa taufik: right
Lollies Goddess: tulah
elisa taufik: we are forming future malaysians
Lollies Goddess: apa benda cakap ni?
elisa taufik: haha
Lollies Goddess: dotters and so forth
Lollies Goddess: in fact setau i pompuan bloggers lah yang paling promote unity
elisa taufik: tulah dia
elisa taufik: eeee geramm betullll
Lollies Goddess: cerita pasal family happy happy masak masak
Lollies Goddess: cakap tak ada fakta!!
Lollies Goddess: shahrizat kata apa ya?
Lollies Goddess: sebab i rasa dia memang undermine pompuan
Lollies Goddess: isu dia, satu, pasal pompuan bloggers are liars
elisa taufik: siapa undermine? sharizat ke, tg adnan?
Lollies Goddess: dua, bloggers are liars
Lollies Goddess: shahrizat..kan dia ministry woman and all that
Lollies Goddess: dia tak nak defend ke
Lollies Goddess: and why the ministries blanket bloggers macam rebel pulak ni
elisa taufik: ha betul betul
elisa taufik: dammit
elisa taufik: dammit dammit dammit
elisa taufik: i rasa macam nak tulis
elisa taufik: tapi lapar pulak dah
Lollies Goddess: haiyaaa geram betui
Lollies Goddess: i rasa kita kena tulis
Lollies Goddess: ha ha ha
Lollies Goddess: i nak gi ambik budak
Lollies Goddess: sungguh female bloggers kita ni
elisa taufik: okay, we go save our family first, then we go save the world!!

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