Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Billy No Buzz

okeh, let's get back to our regular programming...

Today was the staging of Keystage 1's Production of Billy No Buzz.
The story was about Billy, a bumble bee who couldn't buzz, so other bees didn't want to be friends with him and neither did other insects. He ran away and met some dragonflies who befriended him and showed the other bees that Billy was just like the other bees, except for the buzzing bit. So in the end the bees accepted Billy as their friend and so did the other insects.

Isn't the stage decoration amazing??

The story was told with singing and dancing and a few dialogues in between.
It was so much fun to watch tiny little kids singing and dancing and prancing around in costumes. There were more parents on the aisles taking pictures than sitting down just watching. The songs were fun and catchy, even I was singing along, and I was happy to notice that I wasnt the only one who had been forced to listen to my kids practising the last few weeks.

Anis played the part of a butterfly and Ihsan played the part of a dragonfly.
Anis looked like she had a lot of fun dancing her part and I could see her singing her heart out when she wasn't in the middle of the stage but was in the back with the rest of the 'choir'. I saw her scanning the crowd to find me or Taufik, but I guess she didn't see me coz she didn't wave back when I waved. She was happy to see me backstage when it was all over though. (Taufik couldn't come coz he had to go to AFK, an hour's drive away)
Ihsan had 2 lines and he delivered it very well. His enunciation and expressions were clear. When he was singing, he had a straight face at first, but when he saw me, he did that usual shy grin and looked down. I was afraid that he would fumble his lines because he was aware of my presence, but I am glad he didn't. I was so proud of him!

Kudos to the DBGS KS1 teachers!! I think they did such a great job at teaching the kids, decorating the stage and making the costumes. Just like last year, all the decorations were taken from the children's art classes, the songs taught during music lessons, and this year they incorporated some maths in one of the songs (last year when they did The Tadpole, the underlying subject was science).
What a fun way to learn! :D

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