Saturday, March 24, 2007

The prank

Last night our house was a flurry of excitement, all because of an egg.
I was preparing dinner and Taufik and the kids were in the living room reading and playing with Izani and doing stuff, when our doorbell rang.
Ihsan went to open the door, and then I heard "oops", a pause, then "Hey, who broke the egg???"
Some cheeky boys put an egg on our door handle and pressed the bell and when Ihsan opened the door it fell and broke on our floor!
This wasn't the first time someone pulled pranks on our house, so Taufik quickly went outside to chase the culprits while I called security.
The security guy came and we showed him what happened. He asked Ihsan whether he got a look at the boy, but unfortunately he didnt, coz when Ihsan heard the bell, he opened the door and didnt bother looking at who it might've been.
I told the security guy about the last prank many many months ago, they kept pressing the bell and ran away. Once I caught a glimpse of the boy, because it just so happened that I was walking by the front door when he pressed the bell and I saw him running away when I opened the door a second later. I called security the last time it happened and the pranks ceased, till last evening.

Taufik came back from his chase and told us he couldnt find anybody, but he saw a car driving around without the headlights on, so he suspects that the driver probably was looking for the pranksters as well.
Our kids kept running in and out of the house, wanting to join in the search and the solving of the mystery.
Ilham kept jumping "ooh ohh maybe they ran that way" "maybe they ran this way" "Let's go look behind that house!".
Ihsan said "I see footprints on our driveway! maybe it's theirs!" and kept peering at the shoe prints until I pointed out that the size and pattern matches his sandals' and it probably is his coz he kept running about.
"Maybe we can dust the eggshells with fingerprints!" suggested Ilham, but too late, I had cleaned up the egg. Hey I'm not gonna let a raw egg just sit in front of my door step.
"Maybe we can go to the minimarket and ask whether there were kids who bought eggs!" Ilham said, and I let him go just to satisfy his curiosity, but he came home dissapointed coz the minimarket guy said no kids came and bought eggs recently. When I concluded that they probably got the eggs out of their own fridge, Ilham suggested checking everyone's fridge for missing eggs.

"This is so much fun! It's just like CSI!" the boys proclaimed at dinner. And we proceeded to discuss about fingerprinting and how it's no use without a database. So our best option would be to be clear on what we're gonna do the next time someone rings our doorbell.
We came up with these guidelines:
1. We will look through the window to see who it is.
2. If we see someone running away, we are to take note of what they look like, especially what they're wearing.
3. If there is nobody, then we call the security and tell them someone rang our doorbell and ran away. Then the security can come and see if there's an egg on our door.

I hope the kids will remember the guidelines the next time the doorbell rings.
I am secretly excited about catching the prankster too. Taufik, on the other hand, is not so secretive about his desire to kick the prankster's ass.

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