Wednesday, March 07, 2007

8 singing boys

i nearly fell off the sofa when ryan announced that someone was going to sing pearl jam!
then i prayed that it wasnt sanjaya.

i think sundance did a good try, but the whole performence just goes to show that you can try to sing like eddie, but no one can play like jeff, stone, mike and whoever is on drums this time 'round. (I luaghed out loud when the back-up singers did the "hoo hoo hoo" part tho.. tee hee! good try.)
I hated that simon said that jeremy wasnt a good rock song, but I would have to agree that it was not a good rock song to showcase your vocals on a show like americ@n id0l. Pearl Jam has other more melodic songs than jeremy. He could've sung black? but maybe it'd be too morbid. I think Betterman would've been better.

whatever it is, today will go down in history. The day when PearlJam infiltrated Americ@n Id0l.
yeah baby!!

on with my predictions:
i think sanjaya and phil will not make it. That was the most awful rendition of a lee ann rhimes song i have ever heard. Sanjaya is .. i dunno. A malay word for him would be lembik.

If you notice, Blake, Small Chris and Big Chris (and Sundance) stand out because they are not scared to show their personality.

elisa out.

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