Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Panic! not at the dancefloor

Today was my first day as the bus monitor ever since the school year started. It being Ramadhan and me having to wake up at 3am to prepare sahur for everyone and only go back to sleep at 4:15am after fajr prayers made me worry if I could wake up again at 6:15am. On other days, Taufik would be the one waking up the kids and I'd wake up at 6:45 to prepare Anis' lunch box and braid her hair. Today I have to get myself ready as well.
My anxiety had me dreaming that I woke up late, didn't shower or brush my teeth and dragging my kids in their jammies to the bus. So the moment some sunlight seeped through the curtains of my bedroom window, I shot up and checked the time on my handphone. I saw it was 6:45am. 6:45!!! Dayumm my alarm didnt go off!! Or it did and I didnt hear it!! Or maybe I heard it and I switched it off in my sleep!!!
ohmygod ohmy god ohmygod I ran to the kids' rooms and woke them up in a frenzy. "wake up wake up wake up we're late we're late you've gotta get ready for schoool! Anis you just brush your teeth and wash your face and get ready and go down and have breakfast Ilham and Ihsan you have time to shower (coz they are skipping breakfast)". I half-screamed instructions as I myself reached for my toothbrush.
Ilham woke up hair all disheveled looked at the clock with one eye and said "It's okay, we still have time"
"*You* still have time. I have to get ready and then make anis' lunch" I dismissed him , and added "Go go go!! GO brush your teeth!!".
While searching my wardrobe for a decent outfit, Taufik asked me from under his pillow "What are you late for?"
"I'm the bus monitor today, remember.. it's already 6:45!!" I answered.
"It's not. It's 5:45. Cuba tengok jam betul-betul", he said (asking me to look at my watch carefully).
No. Way.
I went to look at my watch and lo and behold.
It *was* 5:45. Not 6:45.
"You guyyyssss...." I grinned sheepishly at the boys who just came out from the shower, "I made a mistake. It's still early.. Sorry!".
God bless my kids, they didn't complain a bit.
They put on their uniforms. Ilham combed his hair then got back in bed. I heard Ihsan turn on the computer. I heard Anis get in the shower and taking her sweet time, then after awhile, I heard her switch on Cartoon Network.
Me, I went back to bed, of course.
Only to be woken up at 6:15 by my alarm.


  1. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Sorry la but I ketawa sorang2 ni baca cerita u. Bukan apa I pun selalu jugak mimpi terlambat dan actually bangun lambat.
    Once I was supposed to catch my flight to kuching and called for cab at 7am and I only sedar at 6.45am mak ai semput, lucky I buat day trip so no big bags. Last yr I pernah woke up at 7am and have to send afiq to school by 7.30 and the girls to TS. The girls pegi TS dgn pyjama :-P


  2. dejavu!! experience it before I think when i still work at KLSiSi... Since i live at Puchong, I had to get up at least at 6:15AM in order for me to get out from house at 6:45 so I can get into the office at 8AM..

    showered at 5:15AM only discovered it still early during ironing my tudungs.. end up sambung tido.. bangun balik cuci mata cuci gigi je.. hehehhe

  3. tertidur sambil menunggu buka puasa....bila terjaga, ingatkan di kejut untuk sahur.....sambil masih terpejam, cakap kepada isteri, "abg tak nak sahur...."


    lurve ur previous entry too...



    kelakar gila siot!!

  5. Haaa haa...lawak di subuh hari..(I am reading this after my sahur)

  6. lawaklah, good thing budak2 tu ok

  7. kelakar giler...I mengantuk terus tak jadi segar bijik mata baca your post. boleh imagine the havoc....he he

  8. adoi .. ala babe .. habis I dah gelak sorang-sorang ni .. ha ha ha .. sungguh la katun .. I love the part the boys actually did shower. hahahahahah ..

    err actually I've played out events in my sleep too, sebab takut terbangun. siap, bila tak sempat nak isyak but Ariz insisted to tidur sama, then mimpi sembahyang pun ada .. hahah lepas bangun, confuse. dah be kelum?

  9. can you not apply for leave for this bus monitor thingy? ehehehe. from what i've read, this is one of the most stressful thing that you have to go through.

  10. i shall not laugh. i shall not laugh...

    but hehehe...

    but happy to share that it has happen at least twice, in different context.

    your kids are just so gallant

  11. BF,
    Ha ha my kids pun pernah jugak pegi TS pakai jammies, sebab diorang taknak mandi. Tapi once dah kena tease dengan budak2 lain (Lori Sampah.. ambik Ilham.. dia tak mandi!!), terus serik, mesti cepat aje mandi pagi2.. ehehehe

    I rasa kalau ingat lambat tapi awal tak apa lagi.. kalau ingat awal tapi sebenarnya lambat, itu bahaya!

    ha ha ha!! Bulan puasa ni banyak betul dugaan nya! :)

    Ha... ketawa kuat-kuat... nanti jadi kat you, I tak tahu... :P

  12. Han,
    I am here to entertain you ;)

    ye lah, I ingatkan mesti diorang complain or marah2, tapi tengok2, cool aje.
    Even semalam diorang tanya boleh tak kejut awal so that boleh rilek rilek, tak payah rush2..

    kak alia,
    kenapa mengantuk? Muhammad tak sihat lagi ke?

    ha ha .. bahaya kan bila mimpi camtu?

  13. mosh,
    Semalam got a call from the coordinator, she's asking whether I mind sharing duties with her. She goes in the mornings for both our turns and I go only in the afternoons.
    heh heh.. pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang.. ! ;)

    heh heh and judging from the comments above, we're not the only ones who've gone through this before ;)

  14. ahahahahaah lucu banget elisaaa... panik mode on yaaaahh... qeh qeh qeh.. dasar ibu2 kecapekan gitu... bluuurrr.. :P

  15. elisa, ni ngantuk baru nak cover yang tak tidur tu le...muhammad dah ok sket, alhamdulillah.

  16. adrenaline is a really good thing elisa......hehehehe

  17. HAHAHA...lawaknya elisa...kesian kat budak2 tu..nasib baik taufik told the time, kalau tak? hahaha...

  18. Anonymous7:18 AM

    i'd say mr taufik save the day. if not haru jer kalau dah fully siap kelam kabut and only to wait for the bus for another hour?


    that cheers me up somehow!


  19. Oh that is so funny!
    I'm more likely to forget the alarm all together than to set it too early.

    I love that the kids were not upset by it at all. You have such great kids!

  20. I can just imagine how unfazed both Taufik and Ilham were despite your frenzy ;)
    Just to make first days more memorable :)

    Haiyerrr dalam bulan puasa ni cakap pasal pucuk dan ulam makes me salivate plak!