Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not a food post.

I thought it'd be good to take a break.
Plus I'm gonna make a raspberry cheesecake today, so I'll save that torture for tomorrow. *mwahahaha*

Let's talk about mundane things like politics and tv and such.

I didn't get to catch the democratic convention on TV, but I did get a glimpse of Rudy and Sarah talking at the Republican Convention.
It was chilling.
It was like watching a devil worshipping cult movie or something, especially when they were chanting "Drill baby Drill".
You citizens of america better make your choices carefully.

What in the world is going on with my country lah?
I dont understand why you keep voting for these ***holes when they are so obviously ***holes.
*geram nih*

I saw Spiderman 2 for the umpteenth time and only recently noticed something - that receptionist chewing gum and refusing to pay for her pizza order because it was late, she's Bones!

During Ramadhan, MBC4 shows Americas Funniest Videos instead of Oprah. My kids and I are hooked! We sit together and laugh our ***es off at the really funny videos. Izani loves anything with animals and babies so he enjoys it too.

I really should take a break from Sudoku and return to catching up with my tadarus.

My husband is on Facebook. *horror*
but he doesnt have time to maintain it, so I had to help. *leeerrrrr*

I'm gonna go mandi now.


  1. I also wonder who did vote for those ***holes..

    you hubby is on fb?? hehehhh... he must be looking for his old old friends..

    Neeza jumpa ramai sangat kawan sekolah menengah.. tak sangka on so many things hehe..

  2. my hubby and me buat tak 'kenal' je dalam facebook!ha..ha...

    Elisa, I salute u la, camne u managed to cook all those yummy stuff during ramadan nih eh! I'm palnning to made some raya cookies but mcm takde masa je!

  3. neeza,
    one of our mutual friends invited Taufik. He just opened the email and click itu, click ini, and then realized it's too much work!
    I found my best friend when i was in Std 2&3 on facebook. I was so happy :)

    I terkejut jugak bila dia request to be a 'friend'. I thought, "biar betul taufik ni..". Sekali check2 profile, university salah! jeng jeng jeng suspen ingat impostor, tapi rupanya dia tersilap click and malas nak fix.
    Eh I masak biasa2 ajelah.. gambar je terlebih gempak... hahaha!
    Orang jakun jarang masak sedap2, sekali menjadik, mestilah canang satu kampung. Orang terrer senyap-senyap aje... ;)
    *points to jeni*

  4. i can relate to sudden phenomenon of husband on facebook

    and again i relate to input profile pic & funwall writting

    then i grow malas...takde patient nak ajar adults..haha

  5. ehehehe. funny la your answer to nurie about the canaing satu kampung tu.

    can help maintain my fb also or not? my office network is so crappy that i don't even bother to try opening in the office dah.

  6. swahili,
    Diorang ni memang... pandai2 bukak account, and then no time to maintain, complain kat kita pulak! eheheh
    Tapi I tergelak besar baca Taufik's status this morning.
    eh btw, is he your friend? I think I suggested Norhan, but I'm not sure.

    tapi betul, kan kan kan? gambar and write-up aje gempak... rasa macam biasa aje.. hahaha
    I dah tak maintain fb taufik dah.. tak kuasa!

  7. Anonymous11:01 AM

    isk isk the gambars is good enough for me to salivate over it if not attempting on it. so takpe, keep up the food posts.

    as for the politics issues, these days i'm hooked on both us and msia politic issues, us, i like to read mudflatts kat wp, i like his views on mccain camp somehow.

    and it makes me wonder, msia ones, by each passing day, things are falling apart, takde sepakat lagi..


  8. do u like hillary ke? or is she full of holes too?

  9. nonah,
    You know I can't help myself ;)
    Actually the blog is like my online recipe book. Kekadang bila terlupa camner I buat something the last time, i come back and search for it ;)

    hillary is not in the race anymore lah cik kak...
    Tapi I rasa at least dia tak pikir pasal nak buat duit aje..

  10. Yes, I know. How I wish Hillary is. I became her fan after reading her biography.. or maybe terbeli after that...

    I tgk u mmg pandai masak, unlike me, dh tua, anak dh nk jadi ank dara masih discovering if there is any cooking skills ha ha ha

  11. where is your raspberry cheesecake? hehe :)

  12. It seems to me that if a government is corrups they will always find a way to stay in power. Sadly.

    I am hooked on funniest home videos too and I still laugh my ass off every time...even the ones I've seen before!

  13. imolie,
    I pun dah tua, baru terkedek2 nak masak, try itu ini.. itupun sebab terpaksa! Agaknya kalau I was still in Malaysia, tak ada nya cuba resepi cam ni. :D

    eheheheh .. I was hoping no one would notice.. next post.

    True true.
    Malaysians are hoping to see the light soon. *prays hard*
    I think videos with babies and animals are the best. Spare me the ball busting ones.. but somehow my boys seem to find those really funny. *rollseyes*

  14. eh kita orang pun tengok american funniest videos tu.

    i told lover yg taufik ada facebook and asked wether dia ak gak tak. hah? he said bila masanya i get to sit at the computer pun. he he we only have one computer and guess who has been excessively using it?

  15. lollies,
    AFV tu program yang sesuai untuk seisi keluarga, kan? I can just imagine if your kids were here watching it with us. Mesti riuh dengan gelak ketawa depan TV! With just my kids pun rumah ni dah bergema dengan ketawa dekah dekah diorang.

  16. Azizi once said that FB is for people yang got nothing else to he also has his own was funny seeing him and Norhan messaging Wall-To-Wall..for all to see.