Tuesday, September 02, 2008

1st Ramadhan

Yesterday was the first day of Ramadhan.
Ilham and Ihsan woke up for sahur, and they were quite okay even though we kept having to prod them to eat and not sleep at the dinner table. After awhile they were awake enough to finish their food and have some tea. We went over the 'rules' for fasting, what they can and cannot do. I told them to try their very best at controlling their desire to eat/drink. This is after all, the ultimate test against yourself. I also reminded them that fasting is not an excuse not to participate in school activities. Just make sure you eat right during sahur and do not over-exert yourself during play time, and you'll be fine.
We prayed fajr together, and they went back to sleep.
I had to drag myself out of bed at 6:15am to wake Anis up first, coz she's the only who needs to have breakfast, and only woke the boys up 15 minutes later. They were so happy they got extra sleep time coz they don't need to have breakfast. Ilham yippeed that his schoolbag is lighter without his lunchbox. (And I yippeeed coz I only had to prepare one lunchbox!)

The kids came home in good spirits. Ilham and Ihsan were tired, but they were proud of themselves for surviving. Ihsan was happy he could hang out at the sand dome playing card games with the other fasting kids during lunch break. Ilham asked me if he batal puasa if he killed an ant. Ihsan said he almost drank some water but remembered that he was fasting.
Reminds me of how grown up they've become. I remember a time when Ilham would reply "Ilham tak kuasa" while sucking on his milk bottle when I ask him if he was fasting.

I had wanted to go grocery shopping with the bus, but I had a cold so I scrapped that plan. That decision left me in quite a dilemma : I had wanted to make prawn fritters but had no prawns. How now brown cow.
After procastinating by playing sudoku and watching Monsters Inc over and over again with Izani, I decided to take a walk to the mini market and get me some frozen prawns. It's not as good as the fresh ones (frozen prawns tend to shrink and become tough when cooked), but it'll do.
Ihsan helped me pound dried shrimp, Ilham helped me make air sirap, and Anis was the official taster. Ilham helped me decide on making chicken rice for iftar, coz my brain was dead.
So that's what we had for the first iftar of the year - sub-standard prawn fritters, and chicken rice.
I have NO idea what to cook today :P

On the taddarus front, due to my annoying cold, I only managed to muster 23 ayats of Al-Baqarah in between frying up fritters. Shameful. I hope I'll do better today.

How was your first day?


  1. at least you have started..*hangs head in shame*. i had horrible cold and luckily we were on public holiday yesterday. Mlm ni baru nak start tadarus, insyallah.

    Nael said the same "Nael tak kuasa" hahaha..

  2. hahaha.. ilham got same taste la with me.. kita pon nak makan nasik ayam semalam..
    prawn fritters.. sedapnya.. are making peanut sauce as well? utara style...

    have you share the recipe of that peanut sauce before eh?

    *click on elisa archive..

  3. since dah takde choice utk beli kat luar, pagi2 lagi I had to crack my head fikir apa nak masak for iftar..
    bukan apa.. nak galakkan Sophea to continue fasting and nak bagi che' abang tak miss sangat his mom's cooking ;)
    Myself tak kisah pun berbuka makan apa.. asalkan makan hehee..

  4. zan - At least you are working, ada valid excuse. I ingat nak buat pagi.. tapi dok sangkut kat computer lah pulak.. :(

    nad - ada recipe peanut sauce, carilah. Tapi i tak buat, sebab taufik lagi suka makan dgn sos cili. Selamat ... *mwahahaha*

    neeza - masalah nya, I yang terasa nak makan itu ini.. nak masak sendiri bukan reti sangat pulak tu! hu hu.. :P

  5. i spent 1st day puasa in bed, nasib baik ada tukang masak tapi tak selera la pulak. and we had fresh succulent prawn stir-fried dgn kailan yesterday :D

  6. Elisa, mak teh mulanya jalan kenhkang-kengkang kerana seluruh kaki sakit dari panggkal paha sampai ke tapak kaki. ( tapak tu dah memang dok sakit ) Mula heran kerana apa muscle tu semua macam jam, kemudian baru teringat itu pukulan terawih 20 rakaat malam pertama. Haa, nasib baik malam kedua dan hari kedua sudah pulih seperti biasa. Ni kes alah bisa tegal biasa. Hehehe!

  7. E - Im so proud of the boys as if they are my own. Im that way always with kids who so excitedly puasa with such diligence.

    Menu wise, it must be the puasa spirit. I drag norhan halfway across riyadh cari prawns just to make cucur today. hehe

    ps: yes the shelves are almost barren or you can see the end. apa nie? everyone stocking up?

  8. Tell Ilham and Ihsan to keep it up and Ki is proud of them.
    Get well fast. Huggers.

  9. cucur udang...yum yum sedapnya. Maybe I make it tomorrow! See, your no idea wat to cook, has given me ideas wat to cook!

    Your kids has started school ye? Fortunately for us, my kids schools starts only after Eid. So they only puasa like half day coz bangun dah tengahari!

  10. alo alo tumpang lalu... ni info yang you minta!

    Ms. Chen Yoke Peng
    Admin Manager
    Sitrac Corporation S/B (Developer of Tanarimba)
    T: 09-2330655

    A bag for you? I'll try my vewy best to cari jalan to save one for you, mkay! Tengah nak kena audit, ni!!! :-(

    by the way... minta testimonial on Ahy's cookies nanti, leh ke?? *batting eyelashes*

  11. Danish has completed 3 days of Ramadan already and its his first time this year! But I had to endure him bugging me all the time on how many more hours/minutes to iftar.