Sunday, September 07, 2008

I want to watch this

I want to watch this, but I'm not a resident of the U.S. or Canada.

How now brown cow?


  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    bukan tulisje in states? she can dload then burn for you? or have she shifted elsewhere?

    or anyoneelse in US?


  2. kalau tunggu tulisje nak burn and send to me, I think tahun depan baru dapat.. ehehehhe

    I was hoping I could download it myself.
    I wonder what will happen if I just lie and say I am a resident...
    But they can detect my ip address, right? so that prolly wont work..
    meh.. :P

  3. Anonymous3:40 PM

    what movie is it?

    psst...lemme tell you these two magic addresses...



    long wait..but you might get lucky.

  4. memang takleh.. diorang could easily detect your IP address..
    try la that option by anon tu.. ;)

  5. i've already signed up.
    just wait on the 23rd. see if i be able to download.

  6. anon,
    it's called "Slacker Uprising" by Michael Moore. It's about this series of talks he gave to youths during the last presidential election, about registering to vote (and who they should consider to vote for). He's releasing it for free on Sept 23rd, but only to US/Canada residents. :P
    I'll check at those sites on/after Sept 23rd to see if it's available there. Thanx!

    kena tunggu sept 23rd baru boleh check :)

    You know what, I think I'll just do the same! :)