Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Famous Ahy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Eversince rotikacangmerah promoted her brother's cookies on her bloglast year, I had been drooling over these cookies. Reading her describe it, (and she does have a way with describing good food), you get the impression that it's the best chocolate chip cookie in the world.

So, when I was back home for the holiday,I decided to order some to bring back to Saudi. 'Some' is an understatement. Ahy said one 'batch' yield about 8 packs, with each pack containing 50 cookies. That's 400 cookies, ladies and gentlemen, and I ordered them ALLLLLLLL.

The very moment Ahy passed me the cookies in IK3A, we (Dory, to be exact) had opened one tupperware right there and then, next to the pine shelves. The aroma that wafted out once the lid was pried open (we were that gelojoh) was a telling preview of the chocolatey goodness we were about to taste.
The moment I bit into one, I had to agree with rotikacangmerah, it was one of the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.
The cookie had crunch, it had the slightly chewy oat bits, and it had the gooey chocolate chip bits. It wasn't too sweet, yet sweet enough, just the way I like it.
My only complain is that they were small, and it made it too easy to eat!!
Ahy had put the cookies in 2 huge tupperwares, and 2 days after I opened the one tupperware, that huge tub was empty!

That was why it took me awhile to put this post up. I had hesitated for a loooong time from breaking the seal of the last remaining tub of cookies. I knew, once I opened it, I (or the kids) would be tempted to eat it. I finally opened it coz it is impossible to tell you about how yummy they are without showing you how yummy they look.
Even Izani couldn't help drooling over the cookies while I was taking pictures. I was so scared that he would jump all over the cookies, but fortunately he did not. He did ask "I want, cooties, please?" over and over again, though.
For his patience, Izani was finally rewarded with some ;)

Ahy is accepting orders for Eid, so if you're interested to try some of these delicious cookies, do give him a call at 012 314 2353 , or email him at
If you cant reach him there, also try emailing


  1. tak caya lah izani cakap camtu. Sebenarnya dia cakap cam ni kan:

    "I want. cooties. piiisss"

    ehehhe itu budak cute.

    Oh yeah have to agrees on the cookies. Firhad (yang tak makan kuih raya) likes it too. Memang sedap.

  2. *sigh*

    puasa puasa.. *drools*

  3. I want, Izani, piiisss!!! Comel giler!!

    Thanks for the great testimonial, Elisa!!! *huggers*

    Rotidua... takmoh order ke, for Firhad kerrr... *winks winks*

  4. Nina & Firhad - okay okay, you caught me. Actually he said, "boder, awant, cooties, piiiiisssss?"
    Hah, kalau sedap, tunggu apa lagi.. order order order!

    mosh - *wipes drool*
    nasihat saya, beli satu pack, boleh makan lepas terawih ;)

    Alin - no problem, it wasnt so difficult to write since the cookies were so good. Part bukak tupperware tu je difficult.. :P

  5. 1. you... i nak minta maaf. I used your izani's munching-the-kukis foto for the flyer I posted at my ofis this noon -- you kiddo so cute that ppl ordered, lah! *gigit-geram to izani sikit*

    2. tadi nina called and beritahu yang fahy susah nak angkat phone. so nina kata kena beritahu you to advertise my email instead of Ahy's number/e-mail since I'm also Ahy's self-appointed Chief Operating Officer (hehe). NINA yang kata, tau. heheheheheheeeee

    Tenchew Elisaaaaaaaa!

  6. Alin,

    1. wehhh mana aci... model iklan cookies kena lah bayar in cookies.

    2. okay dah update the post :)

    you're welcomed!!

  7. Tenchew kak Elisa sbb suka cookies tuh lantas promote dlm blog lagi. free cookies for ezani nanti eyh. :)

    Ish betul ker sedap sgt mcm tu skali cookies fahy? Biaser2 ajer lah, tupperware yg cantik kot. gegege...