Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Do the Blog Hop

Okay here are the instructions.

1. Pick a number from 1 to 5, let’s refer to it as N
2. Go to your recent visitor list, and click on the Nth most recent visitor.
3. Read his/her blog, but do not go further than whatever you can see on the main page (clicking on Read more is okay).
4. Comment on his/her personality based on what you read. Note it down.
5. Go to his/her recent visitor list, and click on the Nth most recent visitor.
6. Lather, rinse, repeat. For as many times as you like.
7. Post results on your blog, with links to who you visited.
8. Hope that they come visit you and tell you whether your first impression of them is spot on. (or set you straight).

This is not my original creation, I found it on modblog a long long time ago and had tried it once. Just thought I’d do it again, to get to know more people on efx2.

Salehah – likes to eat! Likes durians, so definitely Malaysian. Is very concerned about health, she exercises and has a pedometer to keep her on track. Loves Korean stuff, new Zealand and Honda. Graduated in 2002 (from New Zealand?), so I’m guessing she is in her mid/late 20s? Owns a sonyericsson phone. A friend of oLaB. Seems like a pretty cheerful person :)

Dew107 – a seasoned blogger, an old friend from modblog. I’m gonna be able to tell more about her even from just reading her main page! Very contemplative, very in touch with her inner self. Reading her blog is like crawling inside her brain, which what I just love to do!! She’s a very helpful person, always finding ways to help, teach, and do something to assist someone. But sometimes I wonder, is she giving enough time for herself? ;) The Robert frost poem is very nice. From just reading the main page, you can’t really tell what her nationality is, but I know and I’m not telling. *grin*

Majnuna – I’m assuming that this name is a derivation of ‘Majnun’ of Laila&Majnun, so I’m assuming this is a he, and will use such reference henceforth. There’s a really funny conversation with jenny (mamasparks) on his shoutbox about how his name sounds like ‘marijuana’. He likes the works of Rumi a lot. He seems to like all things philosophical. It makes me wonder if this isn’t his only blog. He probably has another blog where he rants or writes down his thoughts, and this one is dedicated purely for poems, and inspirational sayings. His poems (Ghazals, he calls them) are very nicely written, with good visuals and rhythmic cadence. I like. :D

Ailoan6 – “I loan”? “I low-un”? I’m not sure how to pronounce this username. An asian girl living in the US. My first guess would be New York, but I might be wrong. Takes quite good pictures. Rides a Vespa, Eats rice, and has a dog. I also think she still lives with her mom. Doesn’t write much. Her posts are short and distinct. I think I’ll come back for more. :)

EngieViral – Jason, 24 year old, male. Born in s'pore, lived in Indonesia and now in Ozzieland. He writes, reads and even sings! There’s an audio collection if you care to listen. He’s also quite philosophical, bringing up quite interesting topics for discussion. He also give tutorials. I found the one on how to put ‘Extra Pages’ quite easy to understand even though I have no need for it at the moment. I loved the short story (Eternity in a moment) that I read. I like the way he writes. I like his sense of humor. I’ll definitely come back.

Hokay.. I think that’s enough bloghopping for today..


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