Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cilok and Rock

I finally watched Baik Punya Cilok and Rock. (Thanx Firhad!!!)

I thought the storyline for Baik Punya Cilok was really good. I mean, it was engaging and interesting, with twists and turns that you never expected. The acting was.. okaylah.. this is a comedy kan, so a little bit of overacting is acceptable lah.
There were several moments of kelaka giller that made me laugh out loud, especially the "Korang ingat korang aje yang ada keledek??" part and the "Rosalinda" part.
I salute the technicality of the shots.. I think underwater scenes are very hard to shoot, apa lagi murky underwater scenes.. and there were lots in this movie. I wonder how they did it.. aquarium besar kah?
And I really loved the dikir barat/wayang kulit bits.
My only complain was the comedic timing that sometimes were off. Sometimes there were gaps, sometimes they overlap, that made the funny bits a little bit difficult to hear. And there were times when I felt like the actors were sharing a private joke that I did not get.
But other than that, I thought it was a highly commendable effort for Afdlin Shauki.

Rock, was a more subtle comedy. The script is more relaxed, the subject matter not so far-fetched. I felt a mixture of nostalgia and embarassment when I watched this movie about 1980's Malaysian rockers wannabe. I knew all of the songs in that movie and had once worn and knew people who once wore most of the wardrobe used in that movie. Did we really look that ridiculous?
There were funny bits, like when they stole bus seat covers to make their leather pants, and I laughed so loud that I woke Izani up when I heard that one guy read du'a makan before an interview.
The cinematography for this movie was quite good as well. The angles and shots that they chose to take were very interesting, and actually captured the feel of the kampung life.
The story was also quite poignant. I even cried towards the end... *malu*
Good job abang Mamat.


So.. I dunno. 2 good stories, good film work, but why does it not feel as good as Capote (which I just watched too) ? Do we really need million dollar budgets to make better movies? Do we really need stellar casts? Do we need controversial storylines/subject matter/scripts/scenes to be considered 'good'?

I don't know.
You tell me.


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