Tuesday, August 29, 2006

.. and .... off they go!!

Check out Anis's socks!!!

So, we woke them up at 6am this morning. Taufik was brushing Anis's teeth when I dragged Ihsan out of bed.
Made 6 sandwiches. 6 sandwiches!!!
Cored, cut and peeled 3 apples.
Packed 3 boxes of chocolate milk and 3 boxes of strawberry milk.
Braided Anis's hair while explaining to her that she should eat one sandwich , half of the apples, and drink one milk during lunch, and leave the rest for snack time. (They have 2 breaktimes)
Then got ready to go to the bus.
Taufik took care of Izani while I went on the bus to send them to school.

I told Ilham and Ihsan to wait for me while I send Anis to her shuttle bus (she has a shuttle bus to take her from the front gate to her class, older kids have to walk), but then they just took off! *grumble2*
Luckily they allowed mothers to accompany the child on the bus today, so I went with Anis. I showed her how to get to her classroom from her bus stop (on normal days there would be teaching assistants guiding the kids). When we got to her class, the teacher noted her name and I told Anis to ask her teacher where to put her bag and hat.
The moment she hung up her hat, *zing* she headed straight to the table with puzzles.
I said "okay, I'm going now, okay?" , expecting whining and begging, perhaps some grabbing of legs or skirts..
I got nothing but an "okay, bye!!" which sounded a little too cheerful.


I went to check on Ihsan, who also gave me a cheerful "bye!!".
I peeked into Ilham's classroom, but only saw the back of his head.
Perhaps they are as sick of me as I am of them after more than 8 weeks stuck together...

*looks at clock*
Not even 2 yet.

p/s Izani is asleep, by the way. It took me 3 hours to finish my breakfast this morning. I had to sneak in bites in between cuddling and coddling and feeding and fussing.
But I'm not complaining.
*uwaaaaaaaaaaaa* I miss my other kids!!!

Sidenote to ben: *huuuuuggggggssss*

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