Friday, August 18, 2006

Dear Goddess of the Magic Mop

Dear Goddess of the Magic Mop,

I have a tiled kitchen.
Even though it is my most favourite room in the house coz that is where I get to concoct all sorts of brews and whip up all sorts of delectable dishes (or so I think), keeping the floor clean is driving me crazy.
I have never been a fan of sweeping up (because of my dust-sensitive nose) , nor a fan of mopping (because of my work-sensitive lazy a**). Furthermore I hate it when the drops of water on the floor from the kitchen sink catches the dust and debris that I've been trying to get off the floor and makes it stick even more. To make matters worse, I am at that stage in my post-partum life that my lovely locks start to fall off and it gets tangled in the broom's bristles.
As I said, it's driving me crazy!!
I am hoping that you, oh Goddess of The Magic Mop, could advise me on how I could get out of this awful conundrum.

Yours sincerely,
Dreaming of Clean Floor

jawab, nazrah... jangan tak jawab....

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  1. ehhh how did i miss this??? 6 years has passed, and my current answer is, get somebody else to do it! LOL!