Saturday, August 12, 2006

.. and I am also sad.

because I lost a friend.
and on such a bad note, too.

I dont know whether it's the language barrier or what. Did she misunderstand my words?
I was hoping we could put the argument at rest and behind us. I thought I had given her the benefit of the doubt and conducted discussions with her with the utmost respect towards her intelligence and I spoke in the gentlest and calmest way I knew how.
Eventhough towards the end, I felt kinda hurt because I felt she had failed to see me as I am. To look beyond my dressing and see ME. To look beyond my religion and see ME. To not judge me based on what other people are doing, but on what I was doing. For that is how I would treat other people.
I was still hoping that we could continue to be adults and make amends.
but alas, I can't control what others think and how they act, can I?

Perhaps she was not meant to be a friend, after all?

give me time to get over a loss.
I'll be back on my feet.
I promise.

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