Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Radio Anis

Mood: happy tra la la Playing: tintle tintle tittle tar by Anis

Logged on today and noticed an ad for launch cast on yahoo that listed 'Adult Alternative' as one of the stations they are offering.
Is there a station for 'Childish Alternative'?
I bet Anis could launch her own radio station, coz she likes to sing so much and she's singing all the time. I'd probably call it 'Radio Anis' or 'Toddler Tunes'.

Some of the songs she'd offer would be..

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
tintle tintle tittle tar
how ha ha der ha hu ha
hap aba her wer ho hai
hike her hymen hee her high
tintle tintle tittle tar
how ha ha der ha hu ha
*yay* (it is compulsary to cheer and clap after the ending)

One, two buckle my shoe
han tu , hak hak shoo
tee for, hak hak door
(repeat till you fall asleep)

Old McDonald Has A Farm
o nek nonald ai yo yo
eyaieyai yo
(repeat till your mom screams "aiyoyo !!!")

Salsabiila (a malay song)
Tata beee lah
tata (pause) beee lah !
(repeat, while jumping around and making pom-pom shaking gestures with your hands)

I think she has the potential to topple The Wiggles.

Would you tune to this station?
My tuner is broken. It's stuck there.

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