Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Animal Love

Read in the papers two days ago, about a man in Hong Kong who killed his girlfriend so that he can steal her money, pawn off her phone and jewellery to pay off his gambling debt.
A few columns below it was a story about a female komodo dragon that died after falling off from the wall she was scaling. She was trying to reach her mate, who was caged on the top of that wall.

Sometimes it makes me wonder how a human can act so beastly and violently, while a beastly non-human can act so lovingly.

If you're gonna learn anything from this post, learn this:
1. Gambling corrupts your mind and can make you commit unthinkable acts.
2. Even violent animals know the value of love.
3. Perverts who came here to read about sex with animals or animals having sex will be deeply dissapointed. hah ha!

That's my jam offering for today.
Warning: May leave an aftertaste after consumption.

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