Tuesday, August 10, 2004

dilly dally no more

If you've read my previous post on my morning routine, you'd know that every weekday morning is spent coaxing my kids to get ready for school.

Well, Tuesday morning was different.
Ilham , the Mr Dilly Dally Number One, was the one most excited to go to school.
He was the first one to brush his teeth, take his shower and put on his clothes.
The rest of the time, he was nagging the rest of us to hurry up and get ready.

The reason?
He has a school trip to the mall.
They're learning how to spend handle money. (as if our kids need a lesson on how to spend).(I have to give him $10)
And he was all excited.
Even complained that I was too slow in getting ready and asked his father to send him to school instead.
I asked him what time the school trip starts.
10 a.m.
I asked him what time it was
7 a.m.
So what's the rush??
He said he wants to make sure he gets there on time.

Hm.. reminds me of my grandmother who always make sure she's there at the station 3 hours earlier than scheduled so that she doesnt miss the bus.

Good thing came out of this though.
This morning, Ilham was the first to wake up and get ready. He even got Taufik to send him to school while the rest of us slackers went in my beat up wira and arrived 15 minutes later.

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