Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My Blog Stats

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well, actually 2 wows.

Wow#1: I've reached 10,000 visits !! woot woot!!!
Wow#2: 2 of my posts had 10 inbound links!! and both of them had these words innit: "Akademi Fantasia". Go figure !

I was never interested in my stats until i gave deepblue a visit and she had asked 'me' (via the deceptive 'user' tag) whether I have looked at my stats lately.
I asked her how.
And she pointed me to the 'ModBlog Stats' link.
I asked her what good was it for.
And she said she just thought it was interesting. (read: blog stat whore)
Well, i thought you'd like to know DB, that I've kept tabs on my stats since then..
I was constantly checking my stats, seeing if my audience have increased or dwindled. I've also tried to figure out what topics illicit visits and comments.. I was also glad to discover that even when i was away, there were still people who came to visit me *aawwwww*

Since then, I also discovered IPStats , a site that could show how many people visited , when, and from where (50% of my readers are from Asia, 30% are from USA and the other 20% are from AUstralia, Europe, Africa, middle east and South America)
I also found out that most people come and visit me either really late at night (midnight to arnd 3), or early morning (6am to 10am) or late afternoon (5pm to 7pm)..
It even told me whether they were visiting me using Netscape or IE, or 'Other' (that must be u Avi! ha ha!)
too bad IPStats don't work for me anymore.. still figuring out why... :(

What's the point of this post?
Nothing. I just thought the stats were an interesting thing to look at.

i'm a Blog Stat Whore.
There, i've said it. and it's all deepblue's fault!! You've defiled me DB!

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