Wednesday, August 11, 2004

bedroom talk

last night aiysha (mokciknab's daughter, my niece) spent the night in our house. Her father is away in Sabah and there's no one to drive her to school, so she's hitching a ride (and a bed) with us. She was supposed to spend the night at her grandma's house, but I thought, why not just stay over. Save me from driving ten-houses away to pick her up tomorrow morning.

So anyways. Everyone sleeps in the same room in my house. So last night the boys were in the top bunk and aiysha slept in the bottom bunk and anis slept on the mattress on the floor. Aiysha had wanted to be on the top bunk with the boys, but I explained to everyone about mahram and stuff which they got a bit confused about and I had to resort to 'Boys with boys and girls with girls' and they said "okay".

This was the conversation after the lights went off:

Me: okay everybody say the du'a (prayer) before sleeping..!
Everybody: says the prayer

My bedroom was transformed into a kindergarten atmosphere where kids chant prayers in unison.
Then there were a jumble of goodnight ilhams, goodnight ihsans, goodnight anis, goodnight ayahs , goodnight bondas.

Taufik: Okay good night. everyone go to sleep.
silence for like, half a minute
Anis: ayah...
Taufik: yes
Anis: Ayah...
Taufik: yes
Ihsan: Aiysha, where's your mommy?
Aiysha: She's at home
Ilham: why is she at home?
Aiysha: Cos she doesnt have a driving license
Ihsan: Oh, she doesnt have a car to come pick you up ?
Aiysha: yeah yeah go to sleep now.
Anis: Bonda..
Me: Yes
Anis: Ayah.. Bonda..
Me + taufik: yes..
Me: What is it Anis?
Anis: Ayah.. gobbledygook
Taufik: huh?
Anis: gobbledygook
Taufik: err.. yes.. go to sleep now
Anis: Ayah...
taufik: *sigh* yes..
Anis: anis gobbledygook
taufik: err yes
Anis: Ayah.. anis gobbledygook
Taufik: what? *gets up and goes to Anis, and finds out she puked on herself*

So then we spent the next half an hour cleaning her up and cleaning up the sheets before putting them into the washing machine. While Aiysha and Ihsan and Ilham was sharing some sort of joke and laughing so looud I could hear them from the kitchen.. when I got back to the room Ilham was singing "My name is Batty and I am Sloppy" or something like that (a song he learned from Fern Gully).

Me: okay, fun's over.. go back to sleep.
Aiysha: Che' teh.. Anis pukes just like my sister.
Me: really? ermm okay, let's go to sleep now.
Anis: Ashaah...
Taufik: yes..
Me: She's calling Aiysha lah..
Taufik: Oh..
Anis: Ashhaaahh
Aiysha: yes anis
Anis: atamnakawim?
Aiysha: wha..?
Anis: atamnakawim?
Ihsan: Adam nak Kawin?
[Adam is Aiysha's brother. 'Nak kawin' means wanna get married. So basically Anis was asking Aiysha whether Adam wants to get married. God knows where that came from..]

It took a while before everyone settled from all the laughing.

Last thing i heard was
Taufik: hey hey hey.. everyone go to sleeep!!!

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