Friday, August 20, 2004

Happy Birthday Kak Long!

[ "Kak Long" is a malay term of endearment for 'eldest sister']

Today, August 20th 2004, is my eldest sister's *cough* indistinct mumble of her age*cough*-th birthday.


We're gonna have a family gathering on sunday.
My dad's birthday is on the 24th, So Papa, you're invited too!! not sure what time we're gonna have it tho... Will call u to confirm

As a birthday present, i'm gonna increase the traffic to both of their blogs.
so, go and visit them!!:
My eldest sister
My father

I know kak long will prolly complain about not getting a real present.. aiyahhh i'll figure out something.

gotta get back to work now! You go ahead and spread the love jam around..

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