Tuesday, August 10, 2004

just because

I almost didnt blog today.
I mean, i came to work, hooked up my laptop, logged on and actually worked before I blogged.

I feel much better. Thankyou so much for all the get well wishes and the home remedies for fevers winks at pizzofmine .
My fever is gone, but I have been coughing all day. been sucking on Wood's Peppermint Lozenges (Lemon Flavour) all day long and that helped a bit.

i have something to blog about today but i think it'll take too long to complete.
In the background, I'm listening to my colleagues who are complaining about our boss who's like a bit wishy washy.
We have a bunch of user accounts and the company's security policy says we've got to review it once a year.
We used to do the review manually, i.e. compile and send email to the supervisors and ask them to reply to us to confirm that the users under their supervision really need those accounts. If they don't respond, then the accounts will get suspended. It was tedious and a lot of work.
Then we started automating stuff. Now a program tracks who's account is up to review sends an email to the supervisor and sends reminders . The supervisors are supposed to go to a website and review the accounts. They don't need to write to anyone. Again, the program would automatically suspend the accounts if the supervisor dont do a review.
But supervisors being supervisors, have 'much better things to do' than review accounts. so today a bunch (which is an understatement) accounts got suspended and they're asking why.
My boss is asking us to re-activate these accounts ..
I think he should just be strict and tell the supervisors off. That they should have reviewed the account when we sent them the first and 2nd and third reminder...
oh well, i'm not the boss.

urm so that's my pathetic blog for today.

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