Saturday, February 28, 2009

16+9 things you didnt know about me.

PD had tagged me (a long long while ago) for 16 things, and then a few other people tagged me for 25 things. Since I lack blog fodder these past few days weeks months, I decided to do this tag.
I'm not gonna tag anyone because I think everyone but my mom have been tagged to do this, either on blogland or on facebook.

1. I am not a very good housekeeper.

2. I find using tools with long handles (read: brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners) extremely cumbersome.

3. I bribe my kids with 'stars' (convertible to spending money) to help me clean the house.

4. I only help clean my kids' rooms about once a month.

5. I am allergic to dust, so if you find me sneezing and sniffling, it probably means I did some dusting that day.

6. I would rather be down on my knees scrubbing than mopping.

7. Taufik does all the mopping around the house. My older boys do the vacuuming.

8. I bought a handheld vacuum just so that I can do spot vacuuming during the week.

9. The best time to come and visit my home is Thursday afternoons because that's when my house is the cleanest.

10. I am prone to addictive behaviour, but fortunately, not to anything illegal, mostly puzzle games (on my phone or the computer)

11. I am easily obsessed with new things, but I also lose interest as easily. I hate having incomplete things hanging over my head though, so I usually finish whatever I started, eventually.

12. When I am focused though, I can do great things. (I think lah)

13. I don't mind waiting if I have something to watch, read or do with my hands.

14. I like to travel, but I get motion sick.

15. Once, I puked on an LRT because my friend wanted to talk and kept me from looking outside. We were on our way to a meeting, so I had to stop at a mall to buy a new outfit.

16. If I can walk to anywhere, I would.

17. I love crunchy food.

18. Taufik cuts my hair.

19. I have never been to Thailand or Singapore. Or Sabah, for that matter. I hope to change that soon.

20. I have never been to a Pearl Jam concert even though they've been to venues that are about an hour's drive from where I was.

21. Once, I talked to Amy Search on the telephone. *embarassed* So, that's about the closest I ever got to meeting a rawkstar.

22. I like to sing in the shower. (but I think anyone who's lived in the dorm with me would know that).

23. My favourite songs to sing in the shower are 'Wash', 'Hikayat Penuh Ranjau' and 'Joget Kasih Sayang'.

24. I like watching cartoons, or anything animated.

25. My current favourite phrase is "You don't know what you're missin' if you aren't in the kitchin'" (Chowder).


  1. Come to Singapore, I'll show you around! :)

  2. aiyaaahhh this post reminds me i haven't done mine! :P

    i think i dah hutang orang 3 types of tags. errrksss.

  3. i do you No.3 so that you could do me No.6 for my bathroom tiles, can?? grins

  4. for no. 1 - amiklarr maid ghitewww.. ehehe

  5. MrsLoke,
    I might just do that one of these days! :)

    I know.. so many, kan?
    That's why I combined 2 tags into one ;)

    If there are any of Ahy's cookies in that offer, I'm game aje!

    Lebih baik pening kepala sebab rumah semak dari pening kepala sebab ada maid... :)