Wednesday, February 04, 2009

somebody out there still likes Pearl Jam

I dont know if you remember, but during the previous Olympic games (not in Beijing, the one before that), I was watching the promos on TV and heard them using Spin The Black Circle as the background music.

Well i was watching MBC4 (I think it's a Lebanese station. betul tak Lollies/Nazrah?), and the promo for an arabic soap opera came on and it had this guitar thing going on and it sounded so familiar i had to wreck my brain to think what it was until I realized it was Dirty Frank.

go figure.


  1. what u mean still like?? pearl jam is like old skool beatles, rolling stones etc...check out sesape nyer ipod etc...sure have 1 PJ i it at least...heheheh

  2. tak surelah lebanese punya ke apa. based kat dubai lah tapi.

  3. Anonymous3:02 AM

    agree with maszuzu comment there. I'm not a fan but I do like a few of its songs. mana Ada lagi gitu lagi sekarang....


  4. Firhad10:12 AM

    one more one more! I forgot already but they used a Pearl Jam song for the "Stand Up!" public service announcement!

    Its a campaign for err...cancer I think..heh

  5. Mas,
    I guess what i really meant was "Someone out there likes PearlJam Part 2"
    Tapi most people only know "Last Kiss", which actually, doesnt really count as 'Pearl Jam'. ehehe

    Dubai eh? wah berapa banyak TV station dubai ada ek?

    So which ones do you like?

    I wonder if it's because they are so old, they've become public domain or something? How old does a song have to be before they become public domain?

  6. salam elisa..
    mbc channels are saudi owned, based in dubai :)