Saturday, February 14, 2009

Introducing Barang-barang Bonda!

My latest project - an online 'store' where I can sell my latest discoveries in the ladies' markets in Saudi and also anything else I might be able to make in my own house.
Please do visit Barang-barang Bonda.

Note to non-bahasa malaysia readers:
Barang-barang means "things"
Bonda means "mother" , which, as you may know, is what my kids call me.

Wish me luck :)
Comments and suggestions are most most welcomed!


  1. a good move Elisa..
    bagus jugak kan business online ni.
    semoga berjaya ya..

  2. hi..salam perkenalan..

    hv been reading your blogs from neeza's..

    this time teringin nak tinggal jejak..

    good job..beri inspirasi to me..

    and i love jubah hitam and abaya..will be waiting for more choices of abaya yang bakal berkenan di hati and affordable..dah tengok yang dijual di sini..ada one kedai di medan idaman gombak..cantik2, tapi yang cantik itulah yang tak afford nak beli...

  3. neeza,
    terimakasih.. kalau ada idea nak jual apa lagi dari saudi, beritahu ya..

    ummu asiah,
    oh.. terimakasihlah sebab sudi tinggalkan jejak :)
    jubah/abaya yang macamana do you like? Maybe elisa boleh tolong cari jenis2 yang berkenan di hati, dengan harga yang berpatutan ;)

  4. auwww..sudah beronline business..congrats!

    will check it out ;)

  5. congrats!will tell my friends yg cari arbaya to go to your blog.

  6. I always have high regards for entrepreneurial people macam ni... tabik2.

    sorry need to go home to see the images. this companykedekutelektrik's proxy block images also sometimes and all i can see are texts in your online shop.

  7. I left a comment but its gone.
    Anyway, embed an order form (plenty in javascript or make one in pdf) so that it is easier for customers to order.
    Big hugs.

  8. Anonymous12:17 PM

    I think your pricing is a bit on the expensive side...kalau boleh jual yang reasonably priced/affordable, it will garner more attention...what say you?

  9. Friends,
    thanx for the well wishes :)

    At the moment the order form is too short .. perhaps later when I need to ask for more information from the customers, I'll try to make a nicer form that wont load/slow down the browsers :)

    I have two types of pricing - Budget (under RM200) and Luxury (above RM200). The luxury items are usually unique and one-off.. You are guaranteed a nice and exclusive abaya.
    The prices are market price in Saudi Arabia, I only make a tiny profit from getting a little discount from the supplier.
    Perhaps later on when I get more orders, and get to buy more abayas frm the suppliers, I can get bigger discounts and this cost reduction will be passed on to my customers :)
    hey,I should put this in my FAQ ! :)
    Thanx for asking :)