Friday, February 06, 2009


7 facts you may not know about me:
When I was 7,
1. I was in Sekolah Rendah Sultan Sulaiman Satu, Kuala Trengganu. My teacher was this really sexy chinese woman who has a thing for spaghetti straps.
2. I borrowed a classmate's textbook, then she got scolded for not having her textbook, and I just kept quiet.. :P If she is reading this, know that I am truly sorry for not telling the teacher that I was the one in the wrong.
3. I tried to steal a packet of chickadees from the canteen, and got told off.
4. I pooped in my pants while waiting to be picked up because I was too scared to go to the millipede infested girls' toilet alone.
5. One day in Bukit Kecik, we lost a ball in the shrubs that lined our fence and I went looking for it but found a python instead.
6. I cried every time 'Sealed With A Kiss' came on air.
7. I think I also borrowed some money from friends but didnt get a chance to repay them coz end of that year we moved away. I hope they halal-ed my hutang.

7 things that scare me:
1. Lightning. The first thing I do when I move into a new house is identify a spot or room that no lightning can reach.
2. Losing my faith.
3. Losing Taufik.
4. Losing my kids
5. Losing a friend.
6. Swimming where I can't see the bottom (or what's in it).
7. People who find pleasure in inflicting pain (physical, emotional or psychological) on other people.

7 songs that I like the most:
English- (I'll try not to include too much pearl jam)
1. Viva la Vida - Coldplay (i like the melody more than the lyrics though)
2. Zephyr - RHCP
3. If I Fell - The Beatles
4. Stuff And Nonsense - The Eddie Vedder and Neil Finn version
5. Best Friend - Queen
6. And So It Goes - Billy Joel ( just coz that blind guy sang this song during AI auditions.. tee hee)
7. anything by Pearl Jam (suprise suprise)

1. Hikayat Penuh Ranjau - Wings
2. Uji Rashid - Ku Ingin Selalu Di Samping Mu
3. Nilai CintaMu - Sudirman
4. SriKandi Di Sisi - Belantara
5. SriKandi Cintaku - Bloodshed
6. Sayang di Sayang - I dont know who sings this song, but the old version, not the ones sang by current artistes.
7. Anything sung, written or produced by M Nasir.

7 phrases that I say the most:
1. Dayyuummm
2. Oh Noes
3. aaaanywayyys...
4. Sorry
5. Lauk dah habis, beli ayam/daging, roti, susu and telur.
6. Khalas (as a question, a statement or an order)
7. Astaghfirullah, MasyaAllah, InsyaAllah, Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, wala-ilaha-ilallah, Allahu-akbar. (dzikr mahhh... )

7 of my precious things: (things ya, does not include people?)
1. Engagement ring
2. Wedding ring
3. Watch (It was a birthday present from Taufik)
4. The only diamond bracelet (hopefully it won't be my only one for long. tee hee)
5. The murano glass pendant I bought in Florence.
6. Passport.
7. Notebook(s) that contains all my recipes (huyooo tak makan lah kalau takde ni)

7 memorable first timers:
1. First time I saw Taufik. I still remember where & when. I can't remember what he was wearing though.
2. Taking a Greyhound, to Tulsa, Oklahoma on labour day 1991. I arrived early in the morning and the bus stop was covered in fog. I heard the rumblings of a motorcycle engine, and down the road, amongst the billowing mist, appeared Taufik on a motorcycle, just like a hero in a manga. I nearly fainted from swooning.
3. My first kiss with Taufik. Mind blowing, I tell you. Macam nak meletup jantung. (The other first tu, tak yah cerita lah kan)
4. My first snowfall. I think my american friend (her name is Jennifer Cassidy) thought I was crazy for jumping around with joy.
5. Looking at my babies. (Does that count as 4?)
6. Seeing the Ka'abah. Masya-Allah.. macam nak nangis!
7. Wukuf di Arafah. Indescribable.

I think most people have been tagged with this. So if anybody hasnt and wants to do it, go right ahead.


  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    first timers #2 tu cheesy gila. macam a b-grade music video haha.. ada background music tak?

    first timers #3.. err... that bad eh? hahaha

  2. #2: ada background music! Gelora Cintaku - Search.. eheheh

    #3: Jangan marah.. siap bunga tanjung berguguran keliling kita tau.

  3. Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

    Eh, eh, tak baik tau curi Chikadee, kata burung kedidi. Bagi sini sikit, kata Pak Malim sambil naik rakit.

  4. now I get to know you better..

    I owe one of my friend money too you know.. now, tak tahu kat mana dia entah.. harap dia halal lah jugak..

  5. Wow you masih boleh ingat lagi what happened when you were 7. I don't!

    scary thing too! especially rivers yg ada batu with slimy moss and God knows what else

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  7. Anonymous4:16 PM


    Heheh..ketawa dok baca tagging ni.Sayang di Sayang - lagu tu kalau tak silap dinyanyi oleh nOna asiah kot.ado dalam youtube.


  8. takutnya yang jumpa python tu. Alhamdulilah tak ada jadi aoa. kalau tak we won't get to read this and your other write ups

  9. you pooped in your pants reminds me of a friend masa darjah 1 gak..i have to temaned her to washroom..mannn...sepanjang jalan, i dok jalan jauh2...bucukkk...

  10. farida9:23 AM

    lisa, your sense of humour memang everlasting...

  11. My comments hilang pulak.
    When I was small I used to sing "Sayang Di Sayang" as
    "Angin menderu,
    Tuhan jatuh menimpa batu" until one day Bah heard me and corrected me
    "dahan jatuh, dahan jatuh"

    I like the version by Kartina Dahari.
    Big hugs,

  12. Syafiq Salleh11:36 AM

    salam. selama ni selalu view and read ja blog kak lisa. kali ni teringin pula nk komen. you have a great taste of music! hehe. btw, lagu sayang di sayang pak njang selalu pasang dulu2. versi Tetty Kadi.

  13. first time #3... wahh.. kak lisa.. daddy bace tu tak takutkah? kantoi extra-curricular activities mase muda2 nih.. kekekekeke... ;p