Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Kite Runner

I caught this movie 45 minutes into because I was busy with something else. By the time I watched, the childhood bits were already over. It did not stop me from crying at a few scenes further on in the movie, and I was crying more than 5 minutes after the credits have rolled.

If you have not read the book yet, this story is about Amir, a boy from a well-to-do, well-respected family in Kabul, who has a lifelong bestfriend in Hassan, a servant's son. On the surface, Amir's life is all hunky dory but inside he is a little turbulant, and he is riddled with a guilt that he carries to his adulthood. Hassan, on the other hand, looks like he has a hard life, rife with tragedy, but as evident from his letter to Amir at one point, you will see that his soul is very much at peace. They seperated ways when Hassan moved away and Amir has to flee Kabul when the russians took over afghanistan, but they were destined to be reunited (in a way) later in their life.

I guess it helped that I have read the book, because I knew what was going on in Amir's mind. Taufik, who have not read the book, found the movie slow and had trouble following the conversations because he had to weave in and out between listening to english and reading the subtitles. I had to explain things to him a few times. This did not deter him from watching the movie from start to finish, and I guess he did enjoy it.

The acting were also okay. It helped that I didnt know any of the actors. :)

The cinematography is quite good too. Very nice kite scenes.
You could see the stark difference between Kabul before the russian occupation and after. There are a few violently shocking scenes though (like when someone got publicly punished for adultery). And please be aware that the story does touch on a few adult subject matter like fidelity and child abuse. So, be discreet when watching with children.

All in all, an enjoyable movie. If you liked the book, I would recommend watching this. They stayed quite true to the book, with a few omissions for brevity.


  1. my baby bro bought me the book for my bday July last year, and zunar bought me the dvd.

    yet, sampai la ni i tak baca nor tonton.

    takut nangis sampai masuk tidur.

    i'll prolly try do both (reading the book and watching the movie) on my bday this year. haha

  2. Because I cried reading the book, I didn't cry watching it. I love the cinematography. Cun sungguh. And the children were really good in acting. All in all I love the movie also walaupun I err rasa err part yang budak tu menari tak cukup gemalai as described in the book. Tapi sufficientlah tu.

    I suka masa alaa apa nama mamat tu ah..masa dia kat US baru nak berkenalan dengan bakal bini dia.

    I pun kena explain kat lover. Tapi tak acilah dia, sebab dia tau i dah baca, dia asik depend kat i je.

  3. movienya sampai sini tak elisa??? g jdi penen nonton..

  4. I am going to get the dvd and a box of tissue :-)

  5. i saw a little bit in the plane. it was playing sometime April last year on my trip to US. But it didn't catch my attention, macam boring je ..really worth watching ka Elisa?..hmm...i have to break betwen the korean and japs drama to watch movie la... the curious case of benjamin button baru tengok intro dah tidur.

  6. really good movie. my date was sleeping next to me in the cinema but woke up when he heard me sniffling sorang2.

    i don't dare read the book coz usually the description is more detailed and i don't think i can cope with that.

    memang super jahat + keji okay maser *ape nama gangster* tu sodomized Hassan. i watched behind my palms.

    and memang tension coz Hassan didn't even say anything to Amir after that! and Amir is so spineless he didn't even bring it up despite witnessing it. isk.

  7. p/s : after the movie mamat tu tak ajak dah i tgk movie sebab he said "u suker tengok citer berat2, nanti i tido".

    geez. i expect more from a dentist ;p

  8. i really love love love the book. i saw the movie last year, love the movie as well.. both are equally good, although of course, somehow the imagination carries me in a different way by reading...its just so moving. *sob* sob*. if can get a copy of the movie here, i Nakkkkk

  9. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Hi. I am a silent reader of your blog and enjoyed reading it. This is my first time commenting on your entry just because I loved Kite Runner the book so much and none of my friends have read the book so I have no one to share my experience with. i cried buckets reading the book. the movie touched me just a bit but the boy who played hassan really caught my attention. he was good.
    have u read khalid hosseini's second book. i highly recommend it. Cheers! rozi

  10. famygirl2:36 PM

    i cried (sebab sedih & kesian, sebab disgusted pun ada) reading book, but i don't know if i'd cry watching the movie. belum tengok lagi!

  11. the movie was an oscar nominee kan if i'm not mistaken.

  12. alin,
    I would suggest you read the book first before watching the movie lah..

    I pun ingatkan I wont cry, tapi tak tahan lah.. nangis jugak. Dah lah time tu lah taufik tanya banyak soklan.. lagi I explain kat dia Hussein&Amir's relationship, lagilah i sebak.

    Cuba tanya your local DVD dealer.. mesti ada punya lah...

    You do that! :D

    I rasa you kena baca buku dia baru you feel for the characters, kot?

    gangster tu nama dia Aseef.
    So did you still go out with the dentist after that or what?

    Kat sini tak tahu mana nak cari, but I'm sure kat Msia ada jual.. ;). I watched it on Showtime.

    Thankyou for making the effort to leave a comment :)
    Bagus kan internet ni.. bolehlah kita jumpa people with the same interests. I have not read A Thousand Splendid Suns. Dah berapa kali pegang kat bookstore, but never got around to paying for it. Perhaps because I keep thinking I could get it cheaper at an MPH Sale, tapi is never home when an MPH Sale is on :P

    gerenti nangis punya lah!
    ha ha ha

    eh ye ke? menang ke tidak?

  13. i don't think so. but not in the main category la. in foreign films or something like that. same year as the crouching dragon if i'm not mistaken.