Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Riding Alone ... , Stardust and Holiday

Here are a few of the movies I caught on TV last few weeks:

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles
Happened by accident. I was flipping the channels and saw this movie just started. It piqued my interest and kept me hooked for the duration of the movie. Very interesting storyline, very interesting actors. I love watching foreign films coz they are not tainted by the tabloid, and you dont have to suspend your belief. You just watch it and enjoy it. I cried at the weirdest moments in this movie. I cannot look at a boat whistle without thinking about the father. And I so wanna watch a chinese opera before I die.

Been waiting to watch this coz I loved the book so much. Maybe coz I've read the book, I was a bit bored and impatient with the first twenty minutes when they were sorta introducing everyone. I know the ending is all a little corny and dickens-like, but the journey getting there is a lot of fun!
I love claire danes.

The Holiday
Corny corny corny, but interesting. Good light entertainment for when you're bored. My favourite bit was when Amanda (Cameorn Diaz) called out for Graham (Jude law) and he came out with wiping the tears out of his eyes. I really believed him. Good acting at that point :)
And I have always loved Jack Black. Even when he was only in his underwear in Orange COunty.


  1. famygirl1:45 PM

    *sigh* have not watched any one of the three movies you listed.

    i have read Stardust though :)

  2. I watched Stardust sometime last year or maybe the year before. Now, can't recall much about the story - it was about the star...right? I think I had fun watching it but it was kind of below expectation...*ummph*

    Holiday - that was good! I had that movie downloaded, maybe I will watch it again to recap, that is if I can find the CD:-) But I do remember the fun that was created with the exchange between the 2 ladies.

    I caught Pirates of the Carribean for the first time last week - that was quite fun to watch. I always had this pre-conception about this kind of fantasy movie but was quite surprised that I could actually enjoy the movie. I really hate watching movie with funny ugly looking characters but this is, I guess, is an exception...

  3. Salam Elisa,

    Mak teh orang lama, dah tak tengok movie2 ni. Pertama tak ada masa, kedua tak minat sangat ketiga tak dak gang nak tengok movie. Hehehe!

  4. famy,
    I pun tengok sebab keluar on TV.. kalau tidak tak tengok ler..

    I've been wondering what Stardust would be like for someone who have not read the book. Below expectation ek?
    PoC is so much FUN!! tapi I never get to watch the whole of #2 and because of that malas nak watch #3 sebab nanti tak faham.. but I loved #1 ;)

    Mak Teh,
    Elisa tengok ni pun sebab kena duduk diam2 menjahit, so tempat paling selesa tanpa rasa boring is depan TV lah.. kebetulan these movies were on, so tengok ajelah. Kat sini wayang is mahalllll!! SR30 ke gitu satu tiket. The last time elisa tengok wayang kat panggung was Transformers, kat malaysia.

  5. Elisa - tengok movie sambil menjahit. Somehow that is my long lost memories:-) that's what I used to do when I was so into sewing thing. Now, sewing is rare occasion - i had many unfinished projects ... beghak kaki nok gi kat meseng tuh!
    Stardust - I had high expectation from watching the trailer tapi kind of lost it after i finished the movie. My thoughts was ..that's it? abis tu...ala, boring nye!
    We should do mummy's day out and go for a movie when you come back nanti :-) maybe other movie instead of indon?