Saturday, December 01, 2007

New Plates

I know this is bad timing since OndeOnde just wrote about being thankful with whatever we have, but I cant help myself. *malu*

Yesterday while in Giant buying groceries I saw the prettiest dinner set! I had been wanting to buy a new dinner set since the ones I currently have for everyday use have been reduced to 3 chipped plates, and the ones that I use to serve guests is incomplete by several pieces because of mishaps involving my kids. (One glass mysteriously dissapeared and I dont know who's the culprit since it didnt break in front of me and no one wants to own up, so I'm guessing it's either the husband, or one of the guests...). Plus, this dinner set came with matching teapot, sugar and creamer pots!
Taufik didnt want to buy it initially, but after a few minutes of pouting, threats (I'll come back on my own the next day to buy it, if we don't buy this one I'll go to town and buy the thousand riyal ones) and a rational discussion (it's cheap, it's pretty, we need new plates anyway, I have been looking for a matching teapot-dinner set), he finally relented.
woo hooo!!

Tea in the garden, anyone?

Aren't they the prettiest things??
Boleh lah kan? Nak beli Wedgewood, Royal Doulton or Mikasa, kita tak mampu, so Sarah Made in China pun jadi lah... Janji makanan/minuman yang di hidang tu sedap, kan kan kan?
(It'll do.. I can't afford Wedgewood, Royal Doulton or Mikasa, so I'll be content with Sarah Made in China. Just as long as the food/drink served in it are delicious, right, right right?)

So who's coming over tea? ;)


  1. I like the tea set. Can I come over for tea? (just kidding)
    I still have my decade old sets but I bought some square corelle tableware sets for daily use a few months ago as it is supposedly "unbreakable". My student friends here always recommending corelle and mikasa (red vanilla) to me and first time I heard of mikasa honestly. The stuff are quite affordable at direct factory outlets here.

  2. Alah membeli menang memakai or as a tagline goes" Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten."
    Other than the brand names you mentioned, look out for bargains on Churchill and Noritake. They can be heirlooms.
    Hugs and kisses.

  3. sweet pattern ! at least you dah upgrade jugak. mine still with melamine standard ... macam kedai makan tomyam tu.

  4. umm fi ard - you can come over for tea, but you pay for plane tickets, ya? :D
    I wish they have factory outlets here.. tapi takde factories that make pinggans, how?

    papa - true true.. but the trouble is, I have a husband who is extremely allergic (alah) to 'membeli'. tee hee!

    ninuk - if I had my melamine ware set here, I wouldn't need to buy this new set :)

  5. farah4:55 AM


  6. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Kak Elisa,

    It's still pretty regardless. I mixed my chinas (mikasa, RD) with something nice that I found at thrift stores, going for less than rm5 per piece and voila, the table setting still look beautiful and tea is still marvelous...

    And yes, I totally agree, good pieces of chinas last a lifetime and can be heirloom...Am sure you'll be able to own ones someday :D

    The Virgin Baker (

  7. 5 Dzulkaedah 1428

    Tea is nice. But if you can make it to Putrajaya this Saturday, we will be having 'nasi dagang ikang aye'. You and family are welcome.

    Ramli AR

  8. elisa,

    if you are back in Malaysia during June/year end, I'll take you to the Mikasa factory sale! Dah ler murah... every RM5 spent dapat 1 FREE piece lagi! Sometimes you end up with more free gift than what you purchase - I've got 2 complete dinner service FOC this way. Rasa macam tanak balik jer... sometimes we go back for more!

    Just make sure we leave the husbands occupied elsewhere. Hehheehe

  9. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Mikasa ade factory sale in malaysia? PRAY TELL.. I want to knoooowwwww....

    Virgin Baker

  10. maknenek4:01 PM

    err..kat germany ada factory outlets for brands like villery & boch, rosenthal and other pretty porcelains.. i belum ada itch nak beli since i have huge tendency to break plates, belum masuk the ones kids will break..hehe.. anyways, kalau hati suka, oklah kot? for guests, i buy cheap2 one at ikea je..hehe.. kalau ramai sangat, paperplates lah beb..