Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Goddess Conference Dec 19th - Dec 25th, S@udi Ar@bia.

[I]ha... bila lagi nak tengok lollies pakai tudung?[/I]

As you may have heard, [URL="http://lollies.efx2blogs.com"]lollies[/URL] came to visit us these past 6 days. We spent 2 days in Bahr@in, and the rest in Khob@r/Dh@hran. We decided not to go to Riy@dh because we thought the schedule was too packed. If we had gone to Riyadh, lollies would not have been able to see any places in Khob@r.
The visit was hectic and fun. Like with any meetings of malays, it was filled with chatting and eating. When we're not chatting, we're eating. When we're not eating, we're chatting. Sometimes we were chatting while eating.
My kids were very happy their friends were around. It was really difficult to get them to go to sleep.
It was a bit sad to send them off this morning.. I told the kids to bug their parents to come visit us again. tee hee.
I hope they had fun while they were spending time with us :) We definitely had fun having them around !

I'll let lollies tell you what we did while they were here. Her pictures are nicer, and her perception of Bahrain and Khobar will be unbiased. :)

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