Friday, December 07, 2007

I am busy busy

With the impending visit of lollies in 12 days. (yikes!) I have been busy preparing.
Thinking up menus and planning what I can cook in advance (hey i may be a goddess, but I'm no magician). I have to think of what could easily be packed up and brought to B@hrain so that we don't have to search for breakfast. What I could easily defrost and whip up for dinners at home after a day out gallivanting. I should stock up on tit-bits so that we don't go hungry on the 4-hour drive to Riy@dh.
I am also planning to change my chair covers, so that's one sewing project. I'm also thinking of making a matching table cloth, so that's another thing.
I've cleaned up the guest room and now I'm thinking of what to put on the bedside table. A tissue box, at least.
I have this wall hanging that I've been working on since February, on and off. I am determined to finish it and have it up by the time the qatari goddess gets here.
On top of that, I have the day to day stuff. You know, cooking, laundry and nagging my kids to clean their room.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you might not see me around that much in the next few weeks.

Before I leave, a few random thoughts --

- My index finger hurts from being accidently poked by my needle.

- I think izani screams because I scream.

- If a person should be punished for allowing an inanimate object to have a name resembling our prophet's, shouldn't parents be punished for naming their children names resembling our prophet's but fail to raise them as good muslims?
I think the latter causes more damage than a teddy.

- Random shootings, identity theft, missing canoeist ... what is the world becoming?

- I am sick of cinnamon buns.

- I'll probably bake more cinnamon buns next week.

- Garlic+rosemary pounded to a pulp and mixed with oliveoil, rubbed on chicken, kept in freezer overnight, defrosted, baked at 180deg C for an hour .. is yummeh!

- I want to be in Jakarta instead.

- I want a kilim rug, but they're damn expensive. I'm saving up for it starting now.

- oh oh. I broke one of the links on my bracelet! (the one that taufik bought for me) Luckily, it happened while I was putting on bedsheets in the guestroom. Think of the horror if it had happened while I was out shopping!! :O I would have died!

- talking about shopping. I felt better about splurging on my new plates when I went to buy 3 plastic storage containers for SR35 and got on the bus to find one lady who bought not one, but 3 liz claiborne handbags.

I have to go cook dinner now.


  1. "hey i may be a goddess, but I'm no magician"

    Had me laughing out loud in the gym. With sweaty gym bunnies staring at me and my laptop. Ah well. Hee.

  2. u can sew too??? whoaaa...that's a goddess to me...

  3. Goddess..this works for Harris on roadtrip. home made Granola in Ziploc, u wont hv to worry about sugar rush.

    Tandoori Chicken marinated and easy defrost for meals? for the dishes, prepare & deep freeze "bumbu"/base(eg for soup, mee rebus, mee siam).ready to cook when needed - thats what i do prior to my housewife transition

    My big 0 chicken favourite is rosemary, garlic (lots, onion and lemon stuffed in chicken. Tie the err..and spread butter over chicken. Bake. You can taste the lemon as it burst while baking. YUM

    Good luck wth your mis-adventure and Lollies..

  4. mak datuk ! mengalahkan mak mertua nak datang melawat. dahsyattt nye aura si Lollies tu.

  5. maknenek3:58 PM

    uwahh.. u stress me lah. what am i going to cook! what to wear! must clean bedrooms! scrub toilets! clear garbage!! list is endlesssss.... kalau apa kurang, harap maafkan ye in advance! cant wait to see u here soon!