Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8 days and counting...

I've been devoting my time on the chair covers. (and cooking and other daily duties... and even then some of the daily duties like sapu sampah are being neglected *malu*)
Here's what they look like:

2 down, 4 more to go!
So far I've managed to sew one per day, so I think I'll be able to make the deadline *grin*.
I am starting to wish I own a sewing machine though. It'll definitely speed things up and maybe I'd even have time to make a cover for my gawdawful sofas.

The guest room is ready.
The menu is not ready, but I already plan to go buy fish and makanan yang sewaktu dengan nya this weekend.
The rest.. i'll just leave as is. I am trying to convince myself I am not trying to impress anybody, but still feel the need to make my place look welcoming. and liveable.
is that a sin?
am I being vain/pretentious/crazy?
I think the last bit might be partially true.

*cuckoo cuckoo*


  1. Oh I'm sure your guests will feel very welcome... such effort you put in! Sewing from scratch some more! Very impressive! :)

  2. You mean that was handsewn? wah.. impressive indeed. it looks nice. so clever of you .. don't think i can manage it. i'll probably take more than a day and other chores definitely have to wait.

  3. Hi Elisa. Tabik la boleh jahit tangan banyak2. I remember last time jahit tangan satu baju kurung anak umur 1 tahun. Siap, siap la tapi nak menangis juga nak prove boleh siapkan. For your info, i just start blogging. Feel free to visit mine at www.nadwahab.blogspot.com. See you.

  4. hi there. think i met you during our majlis doa selamat kat dammam last few weeks. tapi tak sempat nak borak sebab i sibuk melayan anak2. btw, cantik your chair cover. handsewn lagi. boleh la belajar dgn you :)