Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pearl Jam vidoes anyone?

My current obsession is downloading PearlJam vidoes from u-toob.
Not being satisfied with just watching them on the site, I am downloading and saving them on my hard disk using this site.
Now I have an array of pearl jam videos in a folder labeled, what else, 'pearl jam' on my computer, and I can watch them whenever I want.. !


p/s Thanx, Firhad, for the links :)


  1. jagung3:12 AM

    hey, thanks for the link...will thanks firhad on his blog later.

    haven't tried it yet...but i have been wondering how to download/copy videos from that site...

    heh heh heh....maybe boleh buat some kind of business out of that.....

  2. jagung4:46 AM having problems opening and playing a downloaded video...

    aiyah, sometimes, i really really dislike using a mac..

  3. Sounds like a good idea - as long as no viruses!

  4. jagung - you need to download the player, or convert it terus to avi file.

    Tunku - so far alhamdulillah :)