Sunday, November 25, 2007

curing cravings and other conundrums

The only way to cure a senseless craving is to gorge until you're sick.
I am officially cured of the Lee Dong Wook obsession.
I will now return to obsessing only over my husband. *smacks lips*

This morning after the kids have left for school and Taufik has left for work, there was an unexpected ding dong on my doorbell. Peeking out from behind my curtains, I saw it was Afzal the bus driver.
Oh no, what have I forgotten now? I wasnt even watching anything remotely korean!
I was still in my jammies, so I just pulled an abaya over it and slipped on a scarf before I opened the door.
"Ma'am, Anis sleep in bus" , he said.
So, what's new, I thought. She is always sleeping on the bus on the way to and from school.
"The bus monitor all finished, I come back, hear uhuk uhuk", he continued.
uh oh.
"I think what sound? who? I see, Anis!", he flailed his arms indicating suprise.
"You mean she is still on the bus??" I asked him, half-shocked, half-embarassed.
"She is on bus, sleeping!!", he answered in his half screaming, half laughing way.
So I went upstairs to pick up Izani who was watching Tikkabilla and walked to the bus with my jammies peeking out under my abaya. Thank God for abayas.
Afzal the bus driver made another attempt to wake up Anis and by the time I got to the bus, she was awake and was standing on the bus steps almost crying.
"why arent you in school?" i asked, trying not to sound too angry.
"nobody woke me up" , she cried.
Poor Anis.
I asked her why her brothers didnt wake her up, and she said they didnt sit with her, they sat with their friends. They're surely gonna get an earful from me when they come home.
Obviously the bus monitor also didnt check if all kids had left the bus. I tried calling the lady on duty today but she had gone out. I'm not going to scold her or anything, just wanted to point out the possibility of this hapenning again, perhaps even to another child, so we bus monitors have to be more vigilant. Plus, i need to tell her that Anis didnt make it to school so that she wont be searching for Anis when she goes to pick them up this afternoon.

meh.. so i guess that's another adventure in mommy world.


  1. jagung5:28 AM i undestand...

    i googled Lee Dong Wook


  2. ahiaks!! :D

    dont blame me if you get hooked, ya...

  3. Kesian Anis. Tak cukup tido ke?
    Hugs and kisses.