Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Tadi, time tengah syiok mahsyuk tengok ceria korea lagi (Just now while I was immersed in watching yet another korean drama), suddenly someone ding donged my front door bell.
I was irritated and wondered who in the world would be ringing my doorbell at 2pm. I thought to myself, it couldnt be my kids coz they dont get home till 3pm, when the realization hit me like a ton of camel dung on a hot day.

I am the bus monitor today and I was supposed to be on the bus at 2pm to pick up my kids from school!!

It was the bus driver at my front door!!!

I jumped off the sofa, ran to my room tearing off my clothes and changed into my pants and long shirt at a speed rivalling The Flash, shrieking dammit dammit dammit while listening to the doorbell being ding donged more urgently each time and quickly wrapped a scarf around my head, scooping izani up as I went downstairs and opened the door, screaming "Sorrrreeeeeeeee!" at the bus driver. I quickly slipped on my shoes, grabbed my sunglasses and sling bag and izani's faux crocs.
I boarded the bus, apologizing profusely to the bus driver for my tardiness. He asked whether I was asleep and I couldnt lie and told him I was watching TV and totally forgot. I commended myself for being able to get ready at lightning speed and thanked God that I wasnt in my baju tidor and bedak sejuk sambil makan limau, but I still felt bad for being too engrossed in the korean drama that I neglected my duty. I was never ever late for the bus before. In fact, I had always been the one waiting for the bus instead of the other way round. What is wrong with me????
ini semua penangan drama korea nih...
I nursed my guilt all the way to school, where to add to the pain, we were not allowed to park at our usual spot because we were late. We had to park outside where the traffic is higher than inside. Due to that, I had to carry a sleepy izani (bus rides put him to sleep) over my shoulder and walk to the gate to herd up all the little kids and sheperd them to the bus, praying with each step that none of them gets run over or something. I had to post one of the older kids to stand near our usual parking spot to tell the other older kids that the bus was parked outside, not inside.
My only consolation is that I got everyone home safely and the only thing that was lost was izani's left faux croc. (RM5.99 from Giant Kelana Jaya).

Ya ampunnnn aku sudah tobat!
Besok kena limit to satu disc aje. Takleh lebih2. Tonggang terbalik dunia aku di buat nya!

I have to repent. It's like worse than being a crack head.


  1. see... told you :)

  2. hehe.. i dah lama cuba avoid hantu2 nih. korea ke, china ke, indon ke..