Wednesday, September 20, 2006

travelling plans

Okay, here's what I have to look forward to in the future, near and far:

Near future:
Travel to riyadh to meet my long lost friend and a new found friend.
Go to IKEA!!!! yayayyyyy!!
Come back and prepare for Ramadhan.
(I feel the need to note that I am no longer pregnant therefore supposedly will not suffer any more cravings, therefore I shouldnt torture you with pictures and recipes this year.... but I can't guarantee that. )

Far future (like end of the year):
A trip back home. To Alor Setar, laze around the dusun (read: watch my husband mencangkul) and visit that side of the family.
Hanging out with my mom.
eat eat eat eat and more eating.
A girl's day out (MUSTI!).
blogger's gathering? ada ker?
a pot luck gathering with Taufik's school friends at my house.
and the thing I'm most excited about .... a trip to JAKARTA!!!! yay yay yayyyyy!!

ok.. erm.. that's it.
no mood to write lah today. i just cooked a huge pot of sambal udang kering (shimp floss) , just spent some time searching for and money on airline tickets, now i have izani on my lap.
have to prepare for the trip to riyadh summore.
till nx week!

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