Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Travelled Thwarthed


Taufik called Putr@jaya and found out that Izani's passport is ready, it's just waiting to travel with the diplomatic docket.
There should be a "yay" somewhere here right?

[ whine ]
It's not here yet. When it does arrive here, we'd get a call from the embassy in Riy@dh, and we'd have to drive there to pick it up.
It doesnt stop there.
When we get the passport, we have to submit it to the immigration department here so that Izani can be included into Taufik's visa and we need to get a multiple entry visa for him before we can travel anywhere. I think that takes about a week?
On top of that, we just found out that currently, our car does not have permission to travel to other countries besides Bahr@in. We need to make another application to be able to travel to other countries.

So my plan to go to Qat@r next weekend has basically, fallen through into a big gaping sh*t hole.
[ /whine ]

So maybe next weekend we'd make a trip to Riy@dh instead. Or maybe not. Maybe Taufik will drive alone, just for the day. We havent decided.
Taufik is working to get the permission for our car to travel anywhere in the Gulf countries (GCC). Hopefully we get it before Syawal, so that we can still keep our plan for a roadtrip to Om@n.


So lollies, maybe we'll see you in October, eh?
It'd be cooler then, so maybe that is the blessing.. :)


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