Tuesday, September 19, 2006

okay, go

I was flipping through the TV channels yesterday, when a music video caught my eye.
4 guys on threadmills.
They look like backstreet boys meets electrical appliance salesmen, gone wrong.
The tune is not bad, actually.
and even the dancing is not bad. I was quite mesmerised..
This morning I was checking to see if one of my favourite shows *cough*antm*cough* is on, when they showed them again in 'double shot' and this time I caught another video of them, dancing in the backyard.
bizzare, yet, again, very mesmerizing.

They are called OK GO.

See them for yourself:

"Here It Goes Again" by OK Go

So, were you as mesmerised as me?

By the way, has anyone bought the latest offering from Audioslave? buy or not buy? That Original Fire song is really driving me nuts.

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