Monday, September 04, 2006

a little bit of this, a little bit of that...

now what was the name of that song?

Here's a picture of Anis in her school dress, all pooped out on the carpet at my front door when she got home from school.

It's still really hot nowadays, so by the time i pick her up from the school gate, and we walk to the bus, and we wait for the other kids, and then wait for the bus to move, she'd be asleep in her seat. When we wake her up when we reach home, she'd be all cranky.. that's why she has that no-mood expression on her.

But now we have a new excuse to cheer her up:

We bought her a bicycle!!!
Prior to this, only Ilham and Ihsan have bicycles. So, every time the kids go out and play, the boys would be riding their bikes and poor anis has to jog after them.
So we decided to get her a bicycle so that she can keep up with her brothers. Saturday was her first day on the bike. I told Ilham to look out for her, so he made her ride in front of him so that he could follow her.
Ilham came home complaining that she pedals too slow. Anis came home complaining that she still gets left behind.
So yesterday we made her practice pedalling in front of our house while the boys play football.
We'll see how things go this afternoon.

in other news...

Did you hear that Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, died?
He got stung by a stingray while filming an underwater scene for a show.
wow. I didnt know you could die from a ray's sting.

Another oz-related thingy,
I am currently reading Terry Pratchett's A Hat Full of Sky. It's about Tiffany, a young girl who goes away from home to study witchcraft.
Somehow reading it made me think of nutty.
Not that Tiffany is waking up late and missing classes as well (heh heh jangan marah ya dik... ), it's that she's far away from home, pursuing her dream, meeting all sorts of people that she does/doesn't like. Her feelings, her perception, the way she handles herself.. just reminds me of our young friend in down-undah.
But then Tifanny is currently being possesed by a parasite mind controlling thingy that turns her into a foul mood.. i hope that doesnt happen to nutty (who happens to be in a dodgy mood lately too *hugs*).

A non oz-related thingy,
I received extremely good news this week.
There was a friend who have been missing for months. I was worried sick of what could've happened to him. I dug out my email inbox and found an email he wrote me about a year ago and decided to give it a shot and ask him if he was okay. I psyched myself up to face a bounced "user does not exist" email.
Alhamdulillah, my email didn't bounce. He replied, telling me he's okay.
He's just not blogging for a while due to personal reasons. I respect his decision. I wish him well, but I really really miss reading his writings.

On a personal note,
I am fasting this week and the whole of next week. Ramadhan is looming and I still haven't completed replacing the fasting days I missed last year.
I've never fasted while breastfeeding before, so it's kinda tough. I make sure I have a good sahur (the pre-dawn meal): rice with the works, a mug of chocolate milk with oats, at least one kurma (date) and I take all my vitamins. But still, towards the evening, Izani would get really cranky on me, like he's not getting enough. I tried giving him the bottle, but he'd only take it if his dad gives it to him. He knows what he's supposed to get when he's with me I guess. I am trying my best.


have a good week, everyone..


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