Thursday, September 28, 2006

jeeeezus and the news

I dont really like to blog while I'm not thinking straight, but I've got to get this out of my head. So bear with my rambling.

I was watching scarb0rough country the other day and joe brought up a good topic. He mentioned that networks have double standard when it comes to religious figures. It's okay if South Park drew the likeness of Jesus and have him run around with a machine gun shooting people, but the network won't even allow them to show the likeness of the prophet Muhammad, for the fear of offending the muslims.
I was thinking, maybe it's the same case with americans being offended by ch@vez going to the UN and calling bush a devil, even though many americans have been calling dubya that for years now. It's a case of "I can beat up my own family, but you are not allowed to".
If christians (who own most of the english media , i am assuming) want to make fun of Jesus, than muslims won't protest. But if a Muslim makes fun of Jesus, I'm sure the christians would be equally angry.
Would Christians be rallying in the streets and burning muslim effigies? I don't know, coz I don't think that has ever happened before. But that is also a good question to ponder.
But what also bothers me is, Muslims believe in Jesus. We believe that Jesus is also a prophet, a messenger of God, just like Moses. So why aren't muslim's as offended when Jesus is made fun of? Isnt that a double standard?

In other news,
I can't do my laundry without thinking about those kids. Everytime I shove clothes into my washer or dryer, I think about how they were shoved into there.
That MsHall is definitely crazy, but I think she shouldnt be allowed to use the insanity plea. I think she should get life or death. She is sick sick sick.
It breaks my heart just thinking about it.

whats with the increase in the cases of missing babies lately? or have i been watching too much american news? i think i better cut down. it's making me depressed.

on a lighter note:
you wont find food pictures here coz usually they go straight from the stove to the table and into the mouths... i dont have the luxury nor opportunity to take pictures anymore.
but if it makes you feel better, yesterday i made chicken rice with roast chicken.

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