Saturday, September 16, 2006

all mixed up

Updated on Izani's progress

I understood what the p0pe was trying to get to in his speech, but I really did not get why he had to use that particular quote. A quote that came not from a muslim perspective about the muslim concept of holy war. Surely he could've researched for a better quote. With all the resources that he has, surely he could have found that the concept of reason is as much an islamic idea as it is greek.
If he had really wanted to promote inter-religious discussion and understanding, wouldn't it be prudent to use a quote that would do just that?
I am saddened that he had decided to use something that could so easily be misconstrued as malicious and insulting, but then again I am not going to go around screaming bloody murder and burning effigies and flags because of it.
Damn.. some people need to go through anger management course, en masse.
The p0pe, is, afterall, human, and are allowed to make mistakes and be forgiven for it.
Can't people just chill... ?

Happy Birthday TDB a.k.a. The one who Does not Blog a.k.a. "mega-babe" a.k.a mommy arif!
I tried calling home and it was engaged, I called her handphone and I got the voicemail (which has a greeting that is so slow and drawn out that I decided not to leave a message).
Anyways, hope you had a good birthday celebration.

Did i tell you that my kids have started swimming lessons?
At first we signed up all three of them. But then Anis kept complaining to the instructor during lessons. "It's too cold", "I want to go to the toilet", "Come closer, don't go so far", "I am scared.."
So taufik took her out of the class and will try to teach her himself.
Ilham can now swim halfway through the width of the adult's pool.
Ihsan.. keeps gulping water. But he's getting braver.


Coming up in a few days... no bake cheesecake recipe!


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