Saturday, June 03, 2006

Why so short?

Coz I'm sick... :(

I have a horrible throat infection. Which made it difficult for me to sleep last night. I went to see my gynae and she checked it out, and prescribed me antibiotics and this horrid brown liquid to gargle with.

I had just updated on Izani's Progress.
and since many people have been asking me when I'm going to come home, I'll write a bit about that as well.

Okay, the situation is this:

1. We just applied for Izani's passport 2 weeks ago (was it 2 weeks? or 3? nevermind). It usually takes 3 months for his passport to be ready. After we get the baby's passport, we need to include him into Taufik's iqama (work permit). Only after the baby is included in the work permit can we apply for a multiple entry visa for him. So till he gets his passport, I will not be able to go aaanywhere. Not even to Bahr@in. Do u think we'll get everything ready by July? You do the math.

2. We booked tickets for a flight home on July 22nd. That booking has been confirmed, but the flight back to Bahr@in has not been confirmed. Summer is like the peak season for travelling in the Ar@b countries, and as both S@udis and M@laysians will attest, these people will flock KLCC, Sunw@y Lagoon, Langk@wi, Pen@ng and Melak@ during the summer holidays. Do u think we'll get flight tickets? We doubt it.

3. They just announced an increase in flight tarrifs. bummer. Put that on top of it being peak travelling season, double bummer. A friend who wanted to holiday in scotland discovered that it was cheaper to fly from KLIA to Glasgow than from B@hrain to Glasgow, even though she's already halfway there in terms of distance.

So I think it is safe to say that we won't be able to go home till december.
Once Izani gets his passport however, we might take a short vacation somewhere somewhere.. Maybe even drive to Q@tar, since gas only costs 60 halallas(cents) per litre. Boleh tak, Lollies?

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