Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First day of holiday

Today is the first day of holiday for the boys.
It's actually the last day of school, but since the other two boys from our compound who goes to the same school did not want to go to school, we thought that it'd be better if our boys didnt go to school as well, coz then then bus wont have to waste time and fuel to send and pick up only 2 boys. Plus today was a half-day, class ends at 11:30am today.

Ihsan woke up at 6:30am as usual and the first thing he did was turn on the TV. I heard Taufik woke up to talk to Ihsan and the next thing I heard was the theme song for Sonic Heroes.. he had set-up the PS2.
I told Taufik to have Ihsan brush his teeth, shower and have breakfast first before he plays anything, and he obliged.
Ilham then woke up, and I gave him the same instructions. No PS2 until he has brushed his teeth, showered and had his breakfast.
They know not to mess with me, coz I have clearly warned them yesterday that I will not hesitate to take away the PS2 if they misbehave..
heh heh..
I decided to add another rule this morning, when I was tidying up my bedroom.
I told Ilham that in exchange for them getting to play PS2, they'd have to sleep in their own room.
heh heh
am i cruel?
ah... what the heck, I dont care if I sound cruel.. I'd do anything to get them sleep in their own room. Right now I have the PS2 card to bargain with, dammit, I'll use it.
At around 10am they had a chat with their cousins Adam, Aiysha and Aliya (mokciknab's kids), and I put izani to sleep and then went to do dishes and prepare for lunch and dinner. About an hour later I heard the TV so I had to come upstairs and show Ilham how to give a proper goodbye to Adam, coz he just left Adam hanging online..

It's kinda good to have the kids around, at least they can look after Izani while I prepare lunch.
By popular request, I made porridge today, and since I had some leftover ayam masak kicap (chicken in soysauce), I also made cashew chicken.. yum yum.

I only remembered to take a picture after I've taken a few bites...

I still have to draw up a schedule for the kids.. this time I want to add a session for Quran lessons (tajweed and hafazan) (I am more confident to teach them now, since I've had lessons myself), and proper times for solat (I didnt put that in the last time, but encouraged them to join me when I performed mine, which I performed.. urm.. anytime I please.. *shame*).
I think it's gonna be tougher on me this time around coz I have izani around.. we might have to do a lot of ad-hoc re-scheduling since my time revolves around Izani nowadays..
I'm still gonna have them do reading, arts&crafts and cooking sessions though. And I also have to squeeze in some time for bonda to blog.. (I also need some 'me' time what.....???)

Any other tips or suggestions?
Wish me luck!

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