Thursday, June 15, 2006

the ps2 plan ...


Last night before bed i reminded the boys that they were supposed to sleep in their room, since the played with the ps2.
Ilham said "okay, i wont play with it anymore"
"are you sure??" i ask incredulously.
"I can live without it" he said, though not so convincingly.
i looked at Ihsan, "how about you ihsan?"
Ihsan just smiled sheepishly.

i said okay and let them sleep in my room. While they were asleep and I was waiting for The Apprentice, i unplugged the dang thing and stored it in an undisclosed location.
I spent the commercial breaks thinking about how to get the boys to sleep in their own room now that I dont have the PS2 bargaining chip anymore..

So this morning I lovingly told Ilham why he needs to sleep in his own room, that he's a grown up, he needs to learn to be independent, that it does not meen I love him any less, it may even mean i love him even more.
He was like, "uh, okay..", I wasnt sure whether he really comprehended.

After breakfast they came upstairs and realized that the PS2 was really gone.
They came to me pleading "please please please I wll sleep in my own room tonight" and I said they'd have to prove they'd sleep in their room before they could get to play with the PS2.
More pleading and promises and excuses ("It's Ayah, he's the one who wants to play!") later, Taufik got fed up of them bugging him to ask me to take out the PS2, and asked them to promise promise promise they'd sleep in their room from now on and they said they promise promise promise.
So i told them the general location of the PS2 and made them go on a treasure hunt of some sort.
They found it within a minute.
kalau mintak tolong ambik blanket adik, duduk depan mata pun tak jumpa..

So they're now playing with the PS2.
If they don't sleep in their room tonight, I swear, they're gonna get an earful from me!

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